all the time in a sentence

He had all the time for me.

A man who talks all the time spoils conversation.

He is talking all the time.

A person cannot work all the time.

Most atoms stay as they are all the time.

He is running after money all the time.

I had to look after him all the time.

I feel tired all the time.

He works all the time.

It is not wise to sit glued to the television all the time.

A man who talks all the time becomes a bore.

It remains full of smoke all the time.

He was ill at ease all the time he was in jail.

None can recall the time once passed.

He has fever all the time.

He is thinking  of you all the time?

They remain absorbed in themselves all the time.

She is very talkative, she can be found rattling on all the time.

Practically it is not possible to remain silent all the time.

You cannot fool everyone all the time.

The medicines made me sleepy all the time.

If you are anxious all the time you’ll be prone to getting ill.

I am at your service all the time.

Why are you after my life all the time?

A man who talks all the time spoils conversation.

What have you been doing all the time during these holidays ?

People complain all the time that they are too tired to work out.

He kept silent all the time during the interrogation.

I think about you all the time when you are away.