alacrity in a sentence

I accepted the new job with alacrity.

He accepted my challenge with alacrity.

We should redress their grievances with alacrity.

We must carry out our duties with diligence and alacrity.

Your alacrity and your nervous energy surprise me.

He accepted my offer with alacrity.

Please attend to the people’s grievances with alacrity.

Hope you will act with alacrity.

He rejected my offer with alacrity.

He accepted the summons with alacrity.

I jumped up with alacrity.

There is alacrity on your face.

When he was offered Rs 1,000 for his old bicycle, he accepted the offer with alacrity.

I agreed to help him with alacrity.

Diligence, alacrity and veracity leads to success.

We accept his offer with alacrity.

He accepted the summons with alacrity.

Such alacrity is rarely displayed by the government.

He acted with alacrity.

He moved with alacrity.

We are performing our duty with great courage and alacrity.

Hope government will act with alacrity.

Synonyms Of Alacrity – Another Words

Alertness, Avidity, Briskness, Cheerfulness, Dispatch, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Expedition, Fervor, Gaiety, Hilarity, Joyousness

Antonyms Of Alacrity – Opposite Words

Apathy, Coolness, Discouragement, Indifference, Lethargy, Sadness, Slowing, Aversion, Disinclination

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