aims in a sentence

He aims at all-round development of his personality.

He aims at helping the poor.

True education aims at an all round development of a student.

I received the guests with open aims.

She aims to become a doctor.

I do not have very ambitious aims in my life.

He aims at getting practical education.

He aims at becoming rich in a short time.

He aims at becoming a teacher.

Different people have different aims.

He lectured on the aims of education.

Education aims at the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual and moral development of man.

The people come to the big cities for different aims.

While pursuing the aims, one may be confronted with innumerable problems.

He aims at standing first in the examination.

He aims high in life.

She aims to become a doctor.

Shedding weight is one of the main aims of all health enthusiasts worldwide.

Synonyms Of Aims – Another Words

Ambition, Aspiration, Desire, Direction, Intent, Intention, Objective, Plan, Purpose, Target, Wish

Antonyms Of Aims – Opposite Words

Dislike, Hate, Hatred, Aimlessness, Avoidance, Neglect

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