ago in a sentence

Two weeks ago I had a chance to fly in an aeroplane.

Why did you call me names a year ago ?

What a narrow escape I had from death only a few days ago !

My father died three years ago from now.

I first saw him five years ago and have remembered him ever since.

A few years ago radio and transistors were very popular.

What had happened twenty years ago ?

Two years ago I saw a tragic train accident.

I met him five years ago and have remembered him ever since.

Had I not warned you long ago that the work is difficult ?

Would that I had met you ten years ago !

My mother died suddenly two years ago on account of heart failure.

He was abandoned by his parents years ago.

He went five minutes ago.

About hundred years ago, most of the Indians travelled on bullcarts and horses.

Many years ago, man lived in caves.

He retired from his job some months ago.

His elder brother died two years ago.

I went to the post office half an hour ago.

I started to work here a couple of years ago.

I returned two days ago.

How long ago did he come here?

She wrote to me a few days ago.

I returned two days ago.

Long ago, this place was uninhabited.

My marriage came off about a year ago.

I met her four days ago.

This TV was made ten years ago and there are no parts available.

I bought it only a week ago.

Regular intake of fluids helps to flush out of toxins and radicals from the body in the form of impurities.

Two years ago I went to China.

The ancient civilization flourished thousands of years ago, leaving behind impressive ruins.

The story he shared happened long ago during his adventurous travels.

The tradition of celebrating this festival dates back many centuries ago.

The famous artist passed away a long time ago, but their masterpieces still inspire generations.

The castle was constructed centuries ago by a royal family.

The book I read a while ago left a lasting impact on my perspective.

The technology you’re using now would have been considered revolutionary decades ago.

The ancient artifact was discovered buried deep underground centuries ago.

The invention of electricity transformed the world over a century ago.

The memory of the fun vacation we took a few summers ago still brings a smile to my face.

The scientific discovery made by the renowned scientist happened many decades ago, but its significance is still acknowledged.

I saw my childhood friend at the grocery store just a few hours ago.

The ancient ruins of the civilization were buried beneath the sand long ago, waiting to be uncovered by archaeologists.

The old photographs captured the happy moments shared by the family many years ago.

The historical monument was built centuries ago to commemorate a significant event in history.

The famous explorer set sail on his adventurous journey many centuries ago, exploring uncharted territories.

The decision they made a while ago had a profound impact on their lives and future opportunities.

The handwritten letter from her grandmother, dated decades ago, brought tears to her eyes.

The ancient manuscript, discovered in a hidden library, contained knowledge from a time long ago.

She remembered reading that book years ago, and now she wants to revisit it.

The tradition of celebrating this festival goes back centuries ago when it first started.

The antique shop displayed artifacts from civilizations that existed thousands of years ago.

The historical reenactment depicted events from long ago, bringing history to life.

The scientist’s groundbreaking research, published decades ago, laid the foundation for future discoveries.

The music from that band was popular a while ago, and it still holds nostalgic value for many.

The ancient artifact displayed in the museum was discovered during an archaeological excavation many years ago.

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