age in a sentence

We are living in the age of science.

The present age is the age of science.

Modern age is the age of materialism.

The modern age is the age of calculator and computers.

This is the age of science.

At what age you started playing cricket?

Folic acid is particularly important in women of childbearing age.

He is young in age but old in wisdom.

He is tall for his age.

What is the age of this tree?

Friendship has no age limit.

Time is not far off when computers may replace human beings in our fast moving age of the machine.

Man becomes weak and inefficient in his old age.

Modern age is the age of science and technology.

Growth in man and other animals is limited up to a certain age.

I passed my B.A. at the age of twenty.

He began learning English from the age of five.

With age our bones start losing their strength and need special care.

These are some of the ailments which can affect any age group and cause a painful situation.

Synonyms Of Age – Another Words

Life, Maturity, Old Age, Youth, Adolescence, Adulthood, Boyhood, Childhood, Dotage, Girlhood, Infancy, Lifetime, Majority, Milestone, Senility, Seniority

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