affinity in a sentence

There is a great affinity between trees and men.

What affinity is there between trees and men ?

I felt a little affinity with him because he belonged to my hometown.

Human beings have always had a natural affinity for water.

I have a special affinity for animals.

They have unique affinity with each other.

There is a special affinity between us.

Our affinity for salt is a major trigger for hypertension.

I always had an affinity for the arts.

I have a strong affinity for white wine.

I have a special affinity towards music.

There is a great affinity between trees and men.

Association inevitably breeds affinity.

There is a great affinity between trees and men.

He had an affinity towards socially relevant cinema.

We have had a great affinity with luxurious, all-natural perfumes for thousands of years.

We have a great affinity for music, literature and painting.

I had a special affinity with the Punjabi culture.

Her style is simple but she has a great affinity for fabrics and colours.

I have always felt a great spiritual affinity with Ramakrishna.

It seems she has an affinity for long skirts.

She has an affinity towards traditional outfits.

She has quite an affinity for the colour black and the recent look of hers clearly proved .

People who have an affinity for sugar often gorge on desserts.

Rottweilers are one of the best dogs for bachelors because they have strange affinity towards men.

She has an affinity towards bright colours.

She has an affinity towards western wear.

Sunflowers have a natural affinity for the sun and the same can be said for sunflower oil.

This case has an affinity with that one.

It has close affinity with our countryside.

She definitely has an affinity for colours.

They have a strange affinity for each other.

I always had an affinity for the arts.

He had strong affinity with the city.

I have some kind of affinity with numbers.

They feel an affinity with nature.

This book can do wonders if you are searching for help and if you have an affinity for books.

I feel a strong affinity for her.

She has always had an affinity for animals and volunteers at the local animal shelter.

The artist felt an affinity for nature and often painted landscapes.

He has an affinity for languages and can speak four fluently.

The chef has a natural affinity for cooking and creates exquisite dishes.

The team has a strong affinity for each other, working together harmoniously.

The book club members share a common affinity for classic literature.

The scientist discovered an affinity between two chemical compounds, leading to a breakthrough in research.

The musician has an affinity for jazz and incorporates it into their music.

The teacher noticed the student’s affinity for mathematics and encouraged them to pursue it further.

The children felt an immediate affinity with their new classmates and quickly made friends.

The architect’s design showed an affinity for incorporating natural elements into buildings.

The community has an affinity for their local sports team, supporting them passionately.

The artist’s paintings reflect a strong affinity for vibrant colors and abstract forms.

The mentor and mentee developed a close affinity during their time together.

The poet’s affinity for expressing emotions through words touched the hearts of many.

The business partners share an affinity for innovation and are constantly exploring new ideas.

The researcher found an unexpected affinity between certain genetic traits and a specific disease.

The chef developed a special menu for customers with an affinity for spicy food.

The musician’s lyrics resonate with people who have an affinity for deep emotional experiences.

The nonprofit organization aims to support individuals with an affinity for environmental conservation.

The couple discovered their mutual affinity for adventure and travel, leading to exciting journeys together.

The detective had an uncanny affinity for solving complex cases, earning him a reputation as the best in the force.

The new employee quickly developed an affinity for the company’s values and culture.

The garden enthusiast felt an immediate affinity for the lush botanical garden.

The fashion designer’s latest collection showcased her affinity for bold patterns and colors.

The therapy dog had a natural affinity for comforting people in distress.

The organization was formed by individuals with a shared affinity for social justice and equality.

The environmentalist’s affinity for conservation led to her involvement in various green initiatives.

The professor recognized the student’s affinity for literature and encouraged her to pursue a career in writing.

The team captain has a strong affinity for motivational speeches, inspiring her teammates before each game.

The comedian’s humor resonated with audiences who had an affinity for witty and sarcastic jokes.

The chef’s affinity for experimenting with flavors resulted in unique and delightful dishes.

The mentor and mentee formed a close bond due to their shared affinity for a particular hobby.

The young musician displayed an early affinity for playing the piano and quickly became skilled.

The outdoor enthusiast felt a strong affinity for nature and often went on camping trips.

The historian’s research focused on exploring the cultural affinity between different civilizations.

The artist’s latest exhibit showcased her affinity for abstract art and creative expression.

The book club members developed a strong affinity for each other, forming lasting friendships.

The scientist’s groundbreaking discovery revealed an unexpected affinity between certain chemicals.

The team-building exercises were designed to help employees develop a sense of affinity for their coworkers.

The educator’s affinity for using technology in the classroom enhanced the students’ learning experience.

The philanthropist had an affinity for supporting causes related to education and children’s welfare.

The couple shared a deep affinity for classical music, attending concerts regularly.

The detective found a connection between two seemingly unrelated cases due to their shared affinity for a specific object.

The artist’s affinity for capturing emotions in her paintings struck a chord with art enthusiasts.

The mentor felt an affinity for guiding and supporting young entrepreneurs.

The team’s affinity for teamwork and collaboration contributed to their success.

The chef’s signature dish highlighted his affinity for blending international flavors.

The zoologist developed an affinity for studying endangered species and their habitats.

The teacher noticed a natural affinity between two students and encouraged them to work together on a project.

Synonyms Of Affinity – Another Words

Affection, Closeness, Fondness, Leaning, Rapport, Sympathy, Weakness, Attraction, Compatibility, Cotton, Druthers, Partiality, Thing

Antonyms Of Affinity – Opposite Words

Dislike, Hate, Hatred, Dissimilarity

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