affects in a sentence

A large amount of black money pollutes the social structure of a nation and adversely affects the functioning of government agencies.

As leukemia affects the white blood cells, your body becomes more prone to infections.

Before curing any medical condition, you need to know how it affects your body.

Behavior affects appearance.

Black money severely affects the progress of a nation and generate economic and social imbalance.

Caging animals and keeping them away from their habitat affects their well-being.

Climate change also affects crop production.

Corruption affects every sphere of society.

Dandruff is a common scalp condition that affects billions worldwide.

Deforestation affects animals as they have lost their habitat.

Diabetes causes severe health consequences and it also affects vital body organs.

Domestic violence affects women in terms of ill health.

Drought affects the environment in a lot of different ways.

Ear infections are very common across ages, and happens when a viral infection affects the middle ear.

Ego is a bad habit that affects us badly.

Enjoying the work radiates positive energy and affects the work .

Finally, their bad behaviour affects their game.

Gender inequality affects everyone which includes men as well.

He sometimes affects indifference to what’s happening around him.

Here is how music affects your workout.

How Asthma affects Fitness?

How Sleep affects Your Work.

How low blood sugar affects your body · Potassiumrich Foods You Must Include in Your Diet · Natural Antidepressant Options you should Try · Psychological .

However if one has traumatic childhood memories it affects their adult life gravely.

Hunger affects a person throughout the day.

Imagination affects every aspect of our lives.

Iron deficiency is a condition that affects the supply of red blood cells.

It actually affects the human population more directly.

It affects a country’s economy.

It affects human in several ways but in simple language we can say that it causes many diseases and disasters that destroy life on earth.

It affects our body rhythm and psychological health as well.

It affects our brain and the nervous system.

It affects people living in a lot of ways.

It affects power transmission.

It affects the child in a lot of positive ways than you can imagine.

It affects the child the most.

It affects the physical and biological components of the ecosystem.

It also affects our psychological health.

It also affects the body system and body organs.

It causes panic amongst people and affects the tourism industry.

It leads to cyberbullying which affects any person significantly.

It not only hampers the air quality but also affects the health of living beings.

Late night television viewing adversely affects the health.

Mass media affects many aspects of human life which range from the way we vote to our individual views and beliefs.

Most noteworthy Education affects the chances of employment for people.

Other than volcanoes the movement of tectonic plates affects the global and local patterns of climate.

Our social responsibility of pollution-free environment directly affects our health.

Overpopulation badly affects our agriculture.

Pollution affects the quality of life more than one can imagine.

Pollution essentially affects the quality of human life.

Price rise affects those people most whose salaries are fixed.

Rabies is a virus that affects the brain and spinal cord.

Since Global Warming is hampering our planet in every way it affects our farmers too.

Smoking affects both the active and the passive smokers.

Smoking affects our health.

Smoking also affects our relationship with our family friends and colleagues.

Sometimes it is just a common cold that affects your body to cause fever in the night.

Sometimes people happen to come in contact with bad people which affects their life badly.

Such affects are already being witnessed in certain parts of the world.

The destruction of the rainforests affects our environment.

The environmental pollution directly and indirectly affects the lives of humans and other species.

The human population explosion not only affects humans but also our environment and wildlife.

The lack of quality sleep affects our energy, emotional balance and health.

The problem affects the prestige of our school.

The weakening of the immune system affects an individual’s ability to fight diseases in time.

This affects many big and small businesses in the country very badly.

This affects the metabolism of the body.

Torturing animals and locking them in cages affects their wellbeing.

Unhealthy habits and lifestyle affects out health.

We know how food affects growth.

What affects male fertility?

When this acid flows through the ground it affects a large number of plants animals and aquatic life.

Winters affects the skin of the hands all the more.

Your choice of picking items from a grocery shop directly affects your health and nutrition, therefore, going through the healthy grocery.

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