affection in a sentence

The mother has great affection for her child.

He has a strong affection for that poor girl.

He has no affection for you.

Every mother has affection for her children.

I have a deep affection for my grandparents.

Feelings of love and affection make a family strong.

For want of proper parental care and affection, children go astray.

She gazed with deep affection at me.

During periods, a girl needs lots of sympathy and affection.

Those kids are starving for affection.

He has gained her over by his affection.

They have a great affection for me.

I have great affection for my sister.

Parents look after their children with love and affection.

Every mother has affection for her children.

I have great affection for you.

He would look after them with affection and care.

He has affection for me.

He has great affection for his students.

He has great affection for his sons.

He has a great affection for me.

She has no affection for her stepson.

I have great affection for children.

Every mother has affection for her children.

The affection he gets from others is enviable.

He has a deep affection for his son.

He has no affection for the poor.

There is a strong bond of affection between them.

Every mother has affection for her child.

She has a great affection for her parents.

I have a deep affection for her.

Sarah hugged her best friend tightly, expressing her affection and gratitude for their unwavering support.

As Mark kissed his wife goodbye before leaving for work, he whispered words of affection, reminding her of his love.

David gently stroked his dog’s fur, showering him with affection and receiving a wagging tail in return.

During their date night, Emma and Daniel held hands across the table, their intertwined fingers a display of their affection and connection.

Mark scribbled a heartfelt love note, leaving it on his partner’s pillow as a tender gesture of affection.

Sarah and David sat on the porch swing, their shoulders touching as they enjoyed the sunset together, basking in the warmth of their affectionate companionship.

Emily reached out to hold her friend’s hand, offering a gentle squeeze as a comforting display of affection during a difficult moment.

As David watched his child perform on stage, a proud smile spread across his face, his heart brimming with parental affection and admiration.

Mark lovingly brushed his partner’s hair, their quiet moments together filled with tender acts of affection and care.

Emily playfully tickled her younger sibling, their laughter filling the room as a joyful expression of sibling affection and connection.

Sarah placed a hand on her elderly parent’s shoulder, offering a gentle squeeze to convey her love and affection, even in moments when words fell short.

David and his partner shared a passionate kiss, their lips locked in an expression of intense affection and desire.

As Emily and her significant other danced under the stars, their bodies swaying in perfect harmony, their movements reflected the depth of their affection and love for one another.

Sarah cupped her friend’s face in her hands, looking into their eyes with a soft expression of affection and understanding.

Mark prepared a homemade meal for his loved ones, pouring his heart into the dishes as an act of affection and nurturing.

Emily surprised her partner with a handwritten love letter, filled with heartfelt words expressing her deep affection and devotion.

As David’s pet curled up in his lap, purring contently, he stroked its fur with gentle affection, savoring the bond they shared.

Sarah and her sibling shared a secret handshake, a unique and playful display of affection that symbolized their special connection.

Mark sent his significant other a thoughtful text message, expressing his affection and reminding them of how much they mean to him.

Emily tucked her child into bed, planting a tender kiss on their forehead, a nightly ritual of affection and reassurance.

Sarah wrapped her arms around herself in a self-embrace, showing self-love and affection for her own well-being and happiness.

David surprised his friend with a small gift, a token of affection to let them know they were appreciated and cherished.

As Emily watched her loved one achieve a personal milestone, tears of pride and affection welled up in her eyes, overwhelming her with emotion.

Sarah wrote a heartfelt poem for her partner, pouring her emotions into each line as an expression of deep affection and love.

Mark gently wiped away a tear from his friend’s cheek, offering a comforting touch filled with empathy and affection.

Emily and her significant other shared a warm embrace, their bodies pressed close together, reveling in the physical manifestation of their affection.

David surprised his loved one with a surprise date night, planning every detail to create a memorable experience filled with affection and romance.

Sarah sat beside her aging parent, holding their hand and offering words of comfort and affection during a difficult time.

Mark surprised his sibling with a heartfelt compliment, recognizing their strengths and expressing genuine affection and admiration.

Emily prepared a personalized playlist for her best friend, selecting songs that held special meaning and reflected the depth of their affectionate bond.

David whispered “I love you” in his partner’s ear, their shared secret phrase carrying volumes of affection and commitment.

Sarah and her child snuggled together under a cozy blanket, reading a bedtime story, their shared closeness radiating with affection and love.

Mark took a moment to gaze into the night sky with his loved one, pointing out constellations and sharing in the awe-inspiring beauty with a sense of mutual affection and wonder.

Emily surprised her partner with a heartfelt and handmade gift, showcasing her creativity and pouring her affection into every detail.

As David’s friend shared a personal struggle, he listened attentively with compassion and affection, offering a supportive presence in their time of need.

Sarah delighted in preparing a delicious meal for her family, infusing the dishes with flavors that evoked memories and conveyed her affection for their happiness and well-being.

Mark wrapped his arms around his loved one from behind, resting his chin on their shoulder, a gesture of intimate affection and a symbol of their strong connection.

Emily and her pet engaged in a playful game, their laughter and gentle interactions brimming with affection and mutual enjoyment.

Sarah surprised her parent with a handwritten letter, expressing her deep gratitude and affection for their unwavering love and support throughout her life.

David held his partner’s hand tightly during a challenging moment, providing reassurance and a sense of security, their touch radiating affection and a shared strength.

Mark surprised his loved one with a spontaneous weekend getaway, whisking them away to a serene destination to create lasting memories and deepen their affectionate bond.

Emily lovingly tended to her garden, nurturing the plants and flowers with care and affection, finding joy in their growth and beauty.

Sarah and her significant other exchanged knowing glances across the room, their silent communication filled with affection, understanding, and a shared connection.

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