affected in a sentence

Recently, I have returned from the tour of flood-affected areas.

Tender minds of the children are affected by the programmes they watch.

Some social organisations have come to the help of the affected villagers.

The revision of scales affected some employees adversely.

Immediate relief should be provided to the people in flood-affected areas.

Over work affected his health.

The climate affected my health.

If we could invent artificial rain our agricultural production need not be affected by drought.

The medical students are to be praised for their yeoman’s service in the flood-affected areas.

War has affected civilities of life.

Some social organisations have come to the help of the affected people.

Your bitter words affected him.

Price rise has affected the poor the most.

Terrorism has affected all the youths of the country, their growth and development.

Human life is getting affected by Global Warming largely.

He gets affected by meningitis and loses his eyesight.

I’m not affected by it.

Overwork affected his health.

Synonyms Of Affected – Another Words

Afflicted, Concerned, Damaged, Distressed, Impressed, Overwhelmed, Stirred, Touched, Troubled, Altered, Changed, Compassionate, Excited, Grieved, Impaired, Influenced, Injured, Stimulated, Tender, Upset

Antonyms Of Affected – Opposite Words

Ok, Calm, Collected, Happy, Sane, Untroubled, Hard, Healthy, Kept