Affect in a Sentence

All advice did not affect him at all.

This is going to affect your life.

What is the affect of that drug ?

It will affect your lungs.

The drugs affect the brain cells and often lead to nerve damage.

How do bad manners affect us ?

It will affect your health.

Excessive use of cell phones may affect the sense of hearing.

If you spend so much time watching television, it will affect your studies.

My advice had no affect upon him.

Noise can affect human health and well-being in a number of ways.

The lack of air and exercise began to affect his health.

Continuous work without rest is bound to affect our health sooner or later.

Your habits will affect your reputation, so you must be careful.

The person who believes in himself, nothing can affect him adversely.

Any imbalance in nature and our immediate environment affect us.

Overwork will affect your health.

The fumes from vehicles affect the environment.

The aberrations in an eye adversely affect the vision.

The new regulations will affect us directly/indirectly.

Continuous work without rest is bound to affect our health sooner or later.

It won’t affect our future dealings with you.

Did you know that shoes can affect your career growth and wealth?

My advice had no affect upon him.

Excessive use of cell phones may affect the sense of hearing.

He remained calm as though the news did not affect him.

Artificial cosmetics affect eye sight.

How does war affect our everyday civilities ?

How do bad manners affect us ?

This is going to affect my life.

What is the affect of that drug ?

Smoking may affect your health.

Discuss your opinion about how modernism can affect our health.

It can badly affect your work.

A combination of milk with chicken can affect your digestion process.

Addictions could affect your life in a number of ways.

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest cancers that affect women around the world.

How does stress affect the baby in the womb?

If you are a tall person then you need to know how being tall can affect your health.

It can affect relationships greatly.

Numerous diseases affect humans in varying degrees.

There are several reasons that can affect the skin on our feet.

You will be surprised to know that drinking ice water or cold water can affect your heart.

Night snacks can be very tempting but can affect your sleeping .

Restless legs syndrome tends to affect the patient majorly at night compared with the rest of the day.

Bronchiectasis may affect a part of one lung or many parts of both lungs.

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide and they affect more men than women in general.

Does using cellphone at night affect fertility?

Electronic Gadgets affect Sleep during Day as well as Night.

It can affect your health.

Diabetes can affect major organs in your body, including heart, blood .

Thyroid gland, which is located at the bottom of the throat, produces hormones that affect some functions of the body.

If you have diabetes, be careful about alcohol consumption as it may affect your blood sugar levels .

It does not affect your work as well as your mental peace.

The accumulation of rainwater on roads can severely affect the lives of commuters.

It can affect the blood sugar levels.

Sleep deprivation can surely affect both your libido and fertility.

It can affect people .

This will affect your sleep.

It can affect people .

Synonyms Of Affect – Another Words

Alter, Change, Disturb Influence, Interest, Involve, Touch, Upset, Impinge, Impress, Induce, Inspire, Modify, Move, Overcome, Perturb, Prevail, Regard, Relate, Stir, Sway, Transform

Antonyms Of Affect – Opposite Words

Continue Hold Keep Order Remain Calm Discourage Dissuade, Leave, Alone, Stagnate, Stay, Surrender

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