advise in a sentence

Advise your father to take good diet.

I tried to advise him but it was of no use.

Do not advise an idiot.

I would advise you to better go along with the instructions.

I advise you to think it over before making a decision.

I advise you not to take him to picnic with you.

The doctors advise me complete rest.

Do they advise us to do it?

Can you advise me, please?

I’d advise them to try again.

Would you advise me, please?

We should advise our children to keep away from bad company.

Do not take it ill if I advise you.

His advise was very useful.

I again advise you to take heart and God will help you.

I shall advise you not to misuse this freedom.

Can you advise me, please?

I’d advise them to try again.

I advise you to be very courteous to your new one.

Synonyms Of Advise – Another Words

Admonish, Caution, Charge, Commend, Direct, Encourage, Instruct, Point Out, Prepare, Recommend, Suggest, Urge, Warn, Advocate, Counsel, Dissuade, Enjoin, Exhort Forewarn, Guide, Kibitz, Move, Opine, Preach, Prescribe, Prompt, Steer, Tout, Update,

Antonyms Of Advise – Opposite Words

Disapprove, Discourage, Neglect, Stop, Betray, Deceive, Delude, Fool, Keep, Mum