adjust in a Sentence

Can you adjust in the family?

Let us adjust our differences, before they become public.

I would appreciate if you adjust the amount I have previously paid for my upcoming trip.

You have to adjust with the group and share your joys and problems with them.

He could not adjust himself to the changing styles of doing business.

I will adjust this amount against the rent for the next four months.

People have to change, adapt and adjust with the changing times.

That is true, we will have to adjust somehow.

That is true, we will have to adjust somehow.

He cannot adjust himself.

She is too haughty to adjust in this set-up.

They can adjust to any lifestyle and like to get pampered.

Back pain sufferers must adjust their sleeping position in order to ease the ache while napping.

There will be many ups and downs that you will need to adjust to from time to time.

Synonyms Of Adjust – Another Words

Accommodate, Accustom, Adapt, Alter, Conform, Fine-Tune, Fix, Modify, Regulate, Tailor, Acclimatize, Arrange, Compose, Dispose, Doctor, Fit, Habituate, Harmonize, Order, Reconcile, Rectify, Redress, Remodel, Settle, Suit, Tailor-Make, Tune

Antonyms Of Adjust – Opposite Words

Disarrange, Disorganize, Disturb, Confuse, Disagree, Disorder, Disperse, Mix Up, Refuse, Ruin, Scatter, Upset

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