addition in a sentence

Cyber crime is the latest addition to the crimes’ list.

He has some income in addition to his salary.

He is a new addition to the teaching staff.

I bought one other book in addition to this one.

I study French in addition to English.

In addition I go to my coaching classes on my bicycle only.

In addition a person who reads a newspaper can speak fluently on various topics.

In addition an irrigation system is a very good way of water management.

In addition books boost our creativity.

In addition global warming is a major cause of this.

In addition he also arranged for finances for them.

In addition he is very good at mathematics and English and he easily solves those difficult problems that we take time to solve.

In addition healthy food also helps you save money.

In addition in this way the program can be made more effective in various magnitudes.

In addition it also controls weight and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In addition it also drives stronger storms.

In addition it also enhances the life quality of the citizens.

In addition it enhances their capability to challe themselves.

In addition it helps us meditate and relax.

In addition it helps you to move further in life.

In addition it is also a great way to meet new friends.

In addition it is available on a daily basis.

In addition it makes you determined.

In addition it removes tiredness and the feeling of fullness from the body.

In addition it renders a good feeling and makes the place worth living.

In addition it saves a lot of resources too.

In addition it saves energy.

In addition it strengthens bonds with your loved ones.

In addition many countries have solar furnaces.

In addition many flights are also canceled during this season.

In addition my school has a lot of assets which makes me feel fortunate to be a part of it.

In addition not everyone is lucky enough to get their family to support them.

In addition our doctors work everywhere ranging from small villages to big metro cities.

In addition recycling reduces the amount of waste that takes years to decompose.

In addition science and technology have enabled man to look further than our planet.

In addition science has contributed largely to the medical field as well.

In addition students get to visit new places on holiday.

In addition the condition of unemployment is growing day by day.

In addition the essence it has is admired by many people.

In addition the government must pay them right so they can have a better quality of life.

In addition the government must take stringent measures to stop plastic pollution before it gets too late.

In addition the government must take this matter seriously and should start working towards involving more and more people to

advance the cause.

In addition the method of punishment varies from country to country.

In addition the quality and quantity they eat daily also impact their health.

In addition the thing that I like the most about my village is the fresh and revitalizing air.

In addition the use of good quality wire also saves electricity.

In addition there is a high demand for these skilled people in both the government and the business sector.

In addition there is a number of activities that one can perform outside school and colleges in cities.

In addition these habits are also the cause of many evils in society.

In addition they are present in nature in abundance but many of them take time to regenerate.

In addition they focus more on application-based training rather than theoretical knowledge.

In addition they provide a chance to grow professionally and personally.

In addition this book also contains some of my favourite characters.

In addition this competitive world demands punctuality so that all of us can be successful in life.

In addition this education also benefits an individual in various ways.

In addition to a bungalow, he has a car also.

In addition to advising them, he helped them liberally. I like an addition but not subtraction.

In addition to football is a game of stamina.

In addition to other things a family is the strongest unit in one’s life.

In addition to punctuality hard work is also important.

In addition to that it serves as a great workout session.

In addition to that sum, he still owes me ten dollars.

In addition to these serious health consequences smoking impacts the well-being of a person as well.

In addition to this it is also the hub of many software and aerospace industries.

In addition to useful advice, he gave me financial help.

In addition true happiness comes from within yourself.

In addition water is one of the most misused commodities that we still waste.

In addition we also use flowers for special occasions like weddings.

In addition we must also come together to help doctors do their job better.

In addition we need to realize the fact that although there is an abundance of water not all of it is safe to consume.

In addition when we practice several asanas and postures it strengthens our body and gives us a feeling of well-being and healthiness.

In addition working hard also makes a person better and more disciplined.

In addition you can also reduce the strain on your heart through exercise.

In addition you can develop self-discipline and self-awareness from yoga if practiced regularly.

In addition zoos are made breeding grounds for animals to protect their species.

It is possible for us to do addition very quickly.

Pollution is the addition of harmful or poisonous substances to our surroundings.

She can do addition and subtraction.

She is a new addition to the teaching staff.

Steel gains strength from the addition of nickel.

Steel is strengthened by the addition of nickel.

The room looked more cheerful with the addition of flowers.

The secretary is good at English in addition to being beautiful.

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