add in a sentence

The stars add to the beauty of the night.

His absence will add to your problems.

Add a little more sugar.

Dew drops on the grass add to the beauty of the garden.

We can divide, multiply, add and subtract numbers with the help of a calculator.

If we add one to one, we get a total of 2.

We can add to the greenery by planting trees, stopping soil erosion and preserving natural beauty.

Please add a little sugar to my coffee.

Physical health and strength add to your self-confidence.

Does your smile add to your face value?

If you add five to six it is eleven.

Why do you add insult to his injury ?

He took up teaching to add to the family income.

Picnics add spice to our life.

Flowers add beauty to the garden as well as to the house.

Some people try to add fuel to the fire for cheap entertainment.

You should not add anything of your own.

Do not add any new information.

Fashions add to man’s outward beauty.

True books always add to our knowledge.

It will certainly add colour to your life.

Every day new inventions are being made to add to the human comfort.

They add beauty to everything.

They add beauty and charm to everything.

Manners add to the grace of an action.

It becomes sweeter if you add more sugar.

It will certainly add colour to your life.

Do not add any new information.

I shall read journals to add to my information.

Onions are the best to add to any dish.

Break the eggs carefully and add it to the pan.

Add this food to your diet today for a healthy heart!

This will add to your stature.

In the rainy season, these pits get filled with rainwater and add to woes .

If cost of production of oil goes up internationally, it will add to our problems.

Please do not add fuel to the fire.

You must add nuts, juicy fruits, oily fish and green vegetables to your diet.

Synonyms Of Add – Another Words

Calculate, Cast, Compute, Count, Enumerate, Figure, Reckon, Sum, Summate, Tally, Tot, Total, Tote

Antonyms Of Add – Opposite Words

Estimate, Guess, Subtract, Decrease, Deduct, Diminish, Lessen, Reduce

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