Adapt-word meaning in hindi

Verb : बदलना, अनुकूल बनाना, अनुकूल करना, अनुकूल बनना, के लिए रूपान्तरित करना, उपयोगी या योग्य बनाना, एक समान करना, कोई दृढ़ धारणा करना, के अनुरूप बनाना, के लिऐ रूपांतरित करना, रूपान्तरित करना, सामंजस्य स्थापित करना, मेल बिठाना

Example Sentences :

It is hard to adapt this story for children.

She must adapt herself to the present circumstances.

You must adapt yourself to your circumstances.

We must adapt ourselves to the changed circumstances.

When you go to a new country, you must adapt yourself to new manners and customs.

They accept the fact that they are not young anymore and adapt their lifestyle accordingly.

He tried to adapt his conduct to his new environment.

You have to adapt to circumstances.

He is quick to adapt to new circumstances.

They adapt it to Japanese tastes.

Some plants cannot adapt themselves to the cold.

You will soon adapt yourself to this new life.

It is generally hard to adapt to living in a foreign culture.

We must adapt our plan to these new circumstances.

You must adapt to a variety of conditions.

The young adapt to change easily.

The human brain can adapt to new situations.

She found it was difficult to adapt herself to her new surroundings.

Youth adapt to things more quickly than the elderly.

Young animals adapt quickly to a new environment.

He could not adapt his way of life to the company.

It is difficult to adapt oneself to sudden changes of temperature.

Children quickly adapt themselves to their new life.

Can you adapt yourself to the new job?

Why don’t you adapt your way of life to circumstances?

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