adamant in a sentence

He is known for his adamant nature.

I am a bit adamant with my scripts and will not take up something unless and until it really excites me.

He is an adamant person and I don’t like adamant people.

He was adamant to our pleas for pardon.

Failures are our best teachers and they teach us to be adamant for success.

He was adamant in his refusal.

He was adamant on his demand.

She was adamant.

She was totally adamant about her decision.

He is adamant in his demands.

We tried to pacify the protesters, but they were adamant on the road blockade.

We are still adamant on our stand and will boycott the project till our demands aren’t met.

We tried to strike a compromise between the two sides, but the victim was adamant on registering a case.

He was adamant on releasing the movie.

He was adamant and misbehaved with officials.

The residents were adamant and demanded that the Deputy Commissioner should appear in person before them.

We tried to pacify the supporters, but they were adamant on their demand.

The protesters were adamant not to lift the dharna.

The government seems to be adamant in not doing so.

They were adamant on the payment of Rs 50 lakh.

They were adamant on demanding an apology from the judge and an assurance of good conduct in future.

The protesters are adamant that the chain fast will continue till their demands are met.

He faces criticism for being adamant and stubborn.

He was adamant to get the best possible results.

He was adamant on fighting the elections.

The family members were adamant not to lift the body till the arrest of the accused.

Though he is determined, I am adamant too.

They are adamant on their decision.

We tried to pacify them, but they remained adamant .

He is adamant about his whimsical .

He was adamant and stressed on vacating the land immediately.

He was adamant on fighting the corrupt.

They were adamant on blocking National Highway.

He alleged that they had adopted an adamant attitude.

The officer refused to see the documents and was adamant on sealing the shop.

He is adamant on implementing the orders.

He was adamant in the beginning.

I’m adamant that you should go.

He was adamant in his refusal.

Synonyms Of Adamant – Another Words

Determined, Insistent, Intransigen,T Resolute, Rigid, Stubborn, Uncompromising

Antonyms Of Adamant – Opposite Words

Flexible, Irresolute, Lenient, Weak, Willing, Yielding, Indefinite, Movable, Moving, Soft, Unfixed, Pliant