achievements in a sentence

Indians have made many achievements in the field of science and technology.

Great men in the field of science, politics and art made great achievements by dint of hard work.

For reaping the harvest of achievements, the seeds of labor have to be sown.

The Principal highlighted the achievements of the college in his annual report.

Never boasts of your achievements.

Some people have a tendency or brooding over personal problems in public.

He is pretty modest about his achievements.

Despite all her achievements, she is completely unpretentious.

We should feel proud of our achievements.

One should not be vain of one’s achievements.

He is jealous of my achievements.

Your achievements are indeed creditable.

He is proud of his achievements.

Our achievements are being globally recognised today.

It is bad habit to cry down the achievements of others.

We appreciated his hard work and achievements and congratulated him .

We have no axe to grind here, we are here only to remember his achievements.

He listed his government’s achievements on various fronts.

Synonyms Of Achievements – Another Words

Accomplishment, Attainment, Creation, Deed, Effort, Feat, Performance, Realization, Success, Triumph, Victory, Acquirement, Acquisition, Act, Actualization, Completion, Conquest, Consummation, Contrivance, Effectuation, Enactment, Encompassment, Execution, Exploit, Fulfillment, Hit, Masterpiece, Production, Stroke

Antonyms Of Achievements – Opposite Words

Defeat, Failure, Forfeit, Idleness, Loss, Unfulfillment

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