according in a sentence

The subject matter of this book is according to the needs of the students.

Everyone gets results according to his capability.

The guilty should be booked and punished according to the law.

Young boys and girls wear clothes according to the latest fashion.

Adults have the right to marry according to their will.

We should always cook food according to the requirement.

In this world, there are so many things which you do not like and according to you they should not be there.

Always cook food according to the requirement.

According to the timetable, the train gets in at 8:50.

We should work according to our capability.

You should live according to his status.

He does things according to his own will.

According to the anthropologists man has evolved from the apes.

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

You should work according to law.

It is always wise to cut your coat according to your cloth.

According to them, they’ll arrive a week from today.

He acted according to my advice.

Choose sunscreen according to your skin tone.

I will do it according to your instructions.

You should deal with matters according to the situation.

They graded apples according to their size.

Matter changes its form according to temperature.

Animals act according to their instincts.

You will be paid according as you work.

Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth.

I’ll do it according to your instructions.

Nothing we have done today has gone according to plan.

We punished him according to the rules.

You will be paid according to your ability.

The meaning of words can change according to their context.

Synonyms of According

bestow, confer, give, accede, acquiesce, admit, allow, award, concede, endow, present, render, tender, vouchsafe

Antonyms of According

take, deny, disagree, dispute, dissent, protest, refuse, reject, withhold

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