accomplish in a sentence

If you fall prey to hopelessness, you will not be able to accomplish anything great in life.

If you want to accomplish great things in life you have to practice maturity.

If your mind is full of doubts and fears, then it cannot accomplish any task.

You must be very specific with what you want to accomplish.

I would leave no stone unturned to accomplish my goal.

You must bend all your energies to accomplish that goal.

He needs some stimulus to accomplish this task.

You can accomplish this task provided you are persistent and firm.

She used to accomplish even difficult jobs cheerfully.

A man who is prone to idleness can accomplish little.

He accomplished nothing.

Synonyms of Accomplish

achieve, attain, bring, about, carry out, conclude, do, finish, manage, perform, produce, pull off reach, realize, score, take care of, win, arrive, consummate, effect, fulfill, gain, hit

Antonyms of Accomplish

begin, commence, destroy, fail, forfeit, halt, introduce, leave, lose, miss, neglect, start, stop

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