accidents in a sentence

This craze leads to a number of road accidents.

Something must be done to stop these accidents.

Street accidents are of frequent occurrence in big cities.

Road accidents are common to-day.

A number accidents are due to rash driving.

It is the mad craze for speed which is generally responsible for all these accidents.

In this age of high speed vehicles accidents are very common.

Sometimes due to insufficient light, there are serious accidents.

Every year many persons are killed in accidents.

Why do these accidents occur?

Railway accidents have become very frequent these days.

These accidents are taking place due to several reasons.

Railway accidents are very common these days.

Road safety is a measure to reduce the risk of road accidents.

Road accidents are the leading cause of death.

Accidents and mishaps in nuclear reactors are very hazardous.

If a person violates the rule of traffic, accidents will take place.

Why do accidents occur?

Many accidents occur every day.

Accidents are a common sight in a large city.

Accidents on the roads are nowadays a common thing.

A chain of accidents have occurred.

So many road accidents occur daily which end the lives of many people.

Children are usually rash-drivers and hence more prone to accidents.

Railway accidents have become very frequent these days.

In this age of high speed vehicles, accidents are very ommon.

Such accidents can certainly be a voided if the drivers observe the rules of the road.

Some of the accidents on the roads take place because of mechanical failure of vehicles.

Rash driving and over speeding are leading to frequent accidents on roads.

Reckless driving is the reason behind majority of deaths in road accidents.

Road accidents are common these days.

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