accept in a Sentence

I do not accept cash, but cheque.

If I were you I would refuse to accept the bribe.

I’ve never known him to accept bribe.

Would you accept my humble food?

He accepted my advice.

He did not accept my application.

A man of self-respect will never accept a derogatory position.

The corrupt officer stooped to accept the bribe.

They accept failure easily as their power of resistance is low.

You have to accept the terms and conditions of service.

I cannot accept bribe.

Please accept my humble fare.

We shall accept no award.

I accept your challenge.

Will you accept our proposal ?

Write a letter to accept the invitation.

We may accept the offer he has made.

I advised him to accept the offer.

Do you accept late homework?

He refused to accept my invitation.

He won’t accept my counsel in the matter.

Tender-hearted children do not accept wrong-doings.

Please accept my apologies.

The clerk will accept the bribe.

I am glad that I was able to persuade her to accept my point of view.

He could not prevail upon her to accept his proposal.

Please accept my heartiest congratulation.

He did not accept my request.

Please accept my invitation.

I am sorry for my inability to accept your invitation.

Being unable to get much, I accept little.

I shall accept his proposal.

I accept your statement unreservedly.

She had declined to accept it.

He is too honest to accept a bribe.

Please accept my hearty congratulations on the birth of your son.

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the death of your mother.

Please accept our heartiest greetings and congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

Please accept my best wishes for your forthcoming programme.

Please accept my invitation and do reach in time.

Why did he not accept the offer made to him ?

He should not accept bribe.

He did not accept any official position in the new government.

I will accept whatever decision you take.

You should accept their offer.

You rightly refused to accept money from him.

I cannot accept this present from you.

We accept both cash and plastic.

He does not accept bribes.

Please accept this invitation.

Please accept my heart-felt congratulations on your grand success.

We will not accept defeat.

Please accept my heartiest greetings on the eve of New Year.

Please accept this gift.

He refused to accept my excuse.

He will accept the offer.

Please accept this invitation.

I cannot accept a temporary job.

He learns to accept victory and defeat with the same spirit.

I hope you would accept my invitation.

I hope you will accept my request.

Please accept my heart-felt congratulations on your grand success.

You must accept the new ideas.

He is very rigid and won’t accept any new ideas.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

I do not like him to accept the offer.

I can’t accept what you say

I regret I can’t accept this proposal.

Synonyms of Accept

get, obtain, take, welcome

Antonyms of Accept

fail, lose, misunderstand, reject, forfeit