abstemious in a sentence

It is our duty to keep it pure and abstemious.

One should be abstemious in food and drink.

He has an abstemious outlook on the film world.

I am fairly abstemious.

He lived a fairly abstemious life.

He is an abstemious person by nature.

He has abstemious habits.

I am hardworking and abstemious person.

My brother is a famously abstemious eater.

I am not abstemious by any means.

She is judged for her abstemious virtue.

He is becoming more moderate and abstemious these days.

My media diet had gone abstemious from to addicted.

He is scrupulously abstemious.

Unlike my abstemious husband, I am an epicure.

We must be abstemious in our expectations.

One should be abstemious in food and drink.

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