abstain in a sentence

We should abstain from wine.

We must abstain from drinking.

You should abstain from meat.

You must abstain from smoking.

Abstain from loose thinking that can distract you from your path.

Youths must abstain from intoxicating substances so that they may live a long healthy life.

You should abstain wine.

Abstain from drugs and intoxicants.

We should create awareness among youths to abstain the use of drugs.

I abstain from having onions and garlic.

Please abstain from spreading a rumour.

I abstain from alcohol.

Abstain from meat and drink.

Abstain from speaking ill of others.

He decided to abstain from animal food.

I generally abstain from drinking.

You should abstain from alcoholic drinks.

You should abstain from drugs.

You should abstain from liquor.

Abstain from smoking and drinking.

You should abstain from drinking and smoking.

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