abstain in a sentence

We should abstain from wine.

We must abstain from drinking.

You should abstain from meat.

You must abstain from smoking.

Abstain from loose thinking that can distract you from your path.

Youths must abstain from intoxicating substances so that they may live a long healthy life.

You should abstain wine.

Abstain from drugs and intoxicants.

We should create awareness among youths to abstain the use of drugs.

I abstain from having onions and garlic.

Please abstain from spreading a rumour.

I abstain from alcohol.

Abstain from meat and drink.

Abstain from speaking ill of others.

He decided to abstain from animal food.

I generally abstain from drinking.

You should abstain from alcoholic drinks.

You should abstain from drugs.

You should abstain from liquor.

Abstain from smoking and drinking.

You should abstain from drinking and smoking.

You must abstain from smoking.

You should abstain from alcohol.

You should abstain from alcoholic drinks.

The patient is advised to abstain from heavy diet.

He has been advised to abstain from alcohol.

You should abstain from liquor.

You should abstain from getting into any risk taking situation.

I’ll abstain from going out today.

The doctor advised him to abstain from drinking.

In an effort to improve his health, he decided to abstain from sugary foods and beverages.

The doctor advised her to abstain from alcohol while taking the prescribed medication.

As a part of their religious beliefs, they choose to abstain from eating meat on certain days.

The recovering addict made a conscious choice to abstain from any substances that could trigger a relapse.

In the interest of fairness, the judge recused himself from the case to abstain from any potential bias.

The organization encourages its members to abstain from using single-use plastics to reduce environmental impact.

The students were asked to pledge to abstain from cheating and plagiarism to maintain academic integrity.

The athlete decided to abstain from participating in the competition due to a recent injury.

The political leader announced his decision to abstain from voting on the controversial bill, citing conflicts of interest.

During the fasting period, she chose to abstain from eating during daylight hours as a religious practice.

The jury member was excused from deliberating on the case because of their personal connection and desire to abstain.

As a vegetarian, he prefers to abstain from dishes that contain animal products.

The new employee decided to abstain from office gossip and focus on building positive relationships.

To prevent potential conflicts, the board member decided to abstain from voting on matters involving their family business.

In an effort to improve his sleep quality, he made a commitment to abstain from caffeine in the evening.

The committee member declared a conflict of interest and chose to abstain from the vote.

The diet plan encouraged participants to abstain from processed foods and consume whole, natural ingredients.

In order to maintain sobriety, he had to learn how to abstain from situations that might trigger his cravings.

The doctor recommended that she abstain from heavy physical activity until her injury had fully healed.

The medical study required participants to abstain from certain foods for the duration of the experiment.

The recovering smoker found it challenging to abstain from cigarettes, especially during stressful situations.

As a conscientious objector, he chose to abstain from military service due to his personal beliefs.

The student decided to abstain from social media for a month to evaluate its impact on their well-being.

The resolution received mixed support, with some members voting in favor and others choosing to abstain.

The organization’s policy requires employees to abstain from accepting gifts or favors that could compromise their integrity.

The nutritionist advised her to abstain from consuming excessive amounts of processed sugar to maintain a healthy diet.

The religious ceremony required participants to abstain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.

The newly initiated members of the club took a vow to abstain from engaging in any form of bullying.

The politician decided to abstain from the heated debate, choosing to remain neutral on the controversial topic.

During the detox program, participants were instructed to abstain from caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods.

The doctor recommended that pregnant women abstain from certain medications to ensure the safety of their unborn child.

In an effort to save money, he made a commitment to abstain from unnecessary shopping and impulse purchases.

The team captain urged his players to abstain from engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior during the match.

The corporate policy requires employees to abstain from trading company stocks during specific blackout periods.

The school counselor encouraged students to abstain from spreading rumors and to treat each other with respect.

The health-conscious restaurant offered a menu that catered to customers who wished to abstain from gluten.

The professor reminded students to abstain from using their phones during lectures to maintain a focused learning environment.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and encourage people to abstain from tobacco use.

The recovering alcoholic attended support group meetings to strengthen his resolve to abstain from drinking.

The charitable organization urged the community to abstain from wasteful practices and embrace sustainable living.

The guidance counselor provided students with strategies to abstain from procrastination and manage their time effectively.

The organization’s code of conduct requires employees to abstain from discriminatory language or behavior.

The ethical dilemma prompted him to abstain from making a decision until he had thoroughly examined the consequences.

The therapy group provided a safe space for individuals struggling with addiction to share their experiences and commit to abstaining from harmful substances.

The doctor advised patients to abstain from eating heavy meals before bedtime to improve sleep quality.

The meditation practice taught participants to abstain from distractions and focus on cultivating mindfulness.

The fitness challenge encouraged participants to abstain from unhealthy snacks and prioritize nutritious eating habits.

The economic crisis led consumers to abstain from unnecessary spending and prioritize saving money.

The retreat offered participants the opportunity to abstain from digital devices and experience a technology-free environment.

The art exhibit showcased works that encouraged viewers to abstain from preconceived notions and embrace new perspectives.

The charity campaign encouraged people to abstain from buying new clothes and instead donate gently used items.

The ethical dilemma led her to abstain from making a decision until she had consulted with colleagues and considered all viewpoints.

The religious holiday required believers to abstain from certain activities as a sign of devotion and self-discipline.

The patient was advised to abstain from strenuous exercise while recovering from surgery to prevent complications.

The government encouraged citizens to abstain from non-essential travel to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The environmental movement advocated for people to abstain from single-use plastics to reduce pollution.

The financial planner advised clients to abstain from making impulsive purchases and stick to their budgeting goals.

The community initiative aimed to empower young individuals to abstain from negative peer pressure and make informed decisions.

The event promoted a meat-free lifestyle and encouraged attendees to abstain from animal products for a day.

The mindfulness workshop taught techniques to help participants abstain from negative thought patterns and promote mental well-being.

Synonyms of Abstain

cease, forgo, pass up, quit, refrain, renounce, shun, withhold, abjure, abnegate, avoid, constrain, curb, decline, eschew, evade, fast, forbear, pass, refuse, spurn, starve, stop

Antonyms of Abstain

continue, do, accept, allow, embrace, encourage, face, meet, use, want, indulge


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