absorbed in a sentence

The children were so absorbed in the story that they did not hear the bell ring.

Everybody is so absorbed in worldly affairs that he has no time to relax.

He is absorbed in his studies.

The children are absorbed in playing.

He was absorbed in a book.

Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that cannot be absorbed by the body.

He prayed and was soon absorbed in his meditation.

Sometimes we are so absorbed in our thoughts that we forget where we are.

He was absorbed in his business so that he did not notice me.

Do you get absorbed in games on TV,?

She remains absorbed in her studies all the time.

We always find him absorbed in deep thoughts.

I was absorbed in a book.

He was absorbed in a book when I went to see him.

Synonyms of Absorbed

captivated, consumed, engaged, engrossed, fascinated, involved, preoccupied, fixed, gone, held, immersed, lost

Antonyms of Absorbed

bored, disenthralled, disinterested, uninterested, unoccupied, existing, distracted, indifferent