absolve example sentences


He sought forgiveness from his friend, hoping to be absolved of the mistake he had made.

The sincere apology helped to absolve the tension between the two parties.

The priest offered absolution to the repentant sinner, granting forgiveness and spiritual cleansing.

The jury’s verdict absolved the accused of any criminal involvement in the case.

Her genuine remorse and efforts to make amends played a significant role in absolving her of guilt.

The comprehensive investigation helped to absolve the suspect by uncovering new evidence that pointed to their innocence.

The heartfelt public apology was a step towards absolving the public’s mistrust and restoring the politician’s credibility.

The written confession was a crucial piece of evidence that ultimately absolved the wrongfully accused individual.

He sought absolution from his parents for his reckless behavior, hoping they would forgive him and restore their trust.

The committee’s decision to absolve the employee of misconduct was met with mixed reactions from the staff.

The act of forgiveness allowed her to absolve her ex-partner of their past mistakes and move forward with a clean slate.

The sincere apology was a step towards absolving the team member of the error and rebuilding trust among colleagues.

The amnesty program aimed to absolve individuals of minor offenses and provide them with a chance for a fresh start.

The truth came to light and absolved him of the false accusations that had tarnished his reputation.

The priest’s words of absolution offered comfort and reassurance to those seeking spiritual guidance.

The community’s forgiveness played a significant role in absolving the offender of their past actions and fostering a sense of reconciliation.

The investigation uncovered new evidence that absolved the wrongly accused individual and pointed to the true perpetrator.

The act of confession and seeking forgiveness in religious practices is believed to absolve believers of their sins.

The sincere efforts made by the government to rectify past injustices helped to absolve the nation of its historical wrongdoings.

The therapy sessions helped him to confront his own mistakes, take responsibility, and work towards absolving himself of the guilt he carried.

The new evidence presented in court absolved the suspect and led to the release of an innocent man.

The confession from the real culprit absolved the wrongly accused person, who had been serving time in prison.

The investigation findings absolved the police officer of any wrongdoing in the controversial shooting incident.

The forgiveness and understanding shown by the victim’s family helped to absolve the guilty party of their guilt.

The testimony of the key witness provided crucial evidence that absolved the defendant and resulted in a not guilty verdict.

The public apology by the politician was an attempt to absolve himself of any blame in the corruption scandal.

The investigation report concluded that the pilot was absolved of negligence in the airplane crash, citing mechanical failure as the cause.

The heartfelt apology from the student to their teacher helped absolve them of their misconduct and restore trust in their character.

The thorough investigation cleared the scientist of any academic misconduct, absolving them of the allegations made against their research.

The forgiveness extended by the victim’s family towards the perpetrator allowed them to seek redemption and be absolved of their past actions.

The sincere apology from the athlete for their doping violation was seen as an effort to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing and regain their reputation.

The written confession by the employee absolved their co-worker of the theft accusations, revealing that they were the actual culprit.

The comprehensive investigation into the company’s financial practices absolved the CEO of any involvement in the fraudulent activities.

The evidence presented in court absolved the defendant of the alleged assault, proving their innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

The testimony of the eyewitness provided a crucial alibi, absolving the suspect of the crime they were wrongfully accused of committing.

The historical research unveiled new information that absolved the wrongly accused individual of their notorious reputation, shedding light on their true character.

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