abortive example sentences

The company’s attempt to launch a new product was an abortive endeavor, as it failed to gain market traction.

The negotiations between the two countries ended in an abortive agreement, with neither side willing to compromise.

The team’s strategies in the game proved abortive, resulting in a resounding defeat.

The company had to abandon its abortive expansion plans due to financial constraints.

Despite their best efforts, the researchers’ experiment turned out to be abortive, yielding inconclusive results.

The politician’s abortive campaign for the presidency ended in a landslide loss during the primary elections.

The organization’s attempt to implement a new system was marred by abortive software glitches.

The artist’s ambitious project ended up being an abortive attempt, falling short of the intended vision.

The organization’s abortive fundraising campaign failed to meet its targets, causing disappointment among the organizers.

The playwright’s early works were characterized by abortive attempts at creating meaningful and compelling stories.

The explorers’ mission to reach the summit of the mountain was cut short due to an abortive storm that posed a significant risk to their safety.

The company’s attempt to merge with a competitor turned out to be an abortive endeavor due to regulatory hurdles.

The musician’s abortive performance left the audience disappointed, as technical issues plagued the entire show.

The athlete’s training was disrupted by an abortive injury, forcing them to withdraw from the upcoming championship.

The government’s plans for tax reform faced an abortive opposition in parliament, leading to a stalemate in decision-making.

The team’s project suffered an abortive setback when crucial data was accidentally deleted, necessitating a complete restart.

The author’s initial draft of the novel was deemed abortive by the editor, requiring extensive revisions and restructuring.

The peace negotiations between the warring factions proved abortive, as neither side was willing to compromise on their demands.

The company’s attempt to implement a new software system was met with abortive resistance from employees who were resistant to change.

Despite the artist’s efforts, the exhibition received an abortive response from critics and failed to generate significant interest among art enthusiasts.

The team’s abortive attempt to launch the new product left them disappointed and scrambling to regroup.

Despite their meticulous planning, the mission ended in an abortive rescue due to unforeseen weather conditions.

The artist’s experiment with a new technique proved abortive, as the results didn’t match the vision.

Her abortive efforts to mend the broken vase only made the situation worse, leaving her frustrated.

The politician’s abortive campaign strategy led to a significant loss of support among voters.

The project’s abortive beginning was soon forgotten as the team worked diligently to turn things around.

The company’s investment in the startup ended up being abortive when the startup failed to gain traction.

The playwright’s abortive attempt at humor left the audience in awkward silence during the performance.

The research project’s abortive phase taught the scientists valuable lessons for their subsequent successful endeavors.

The explorers’ abortive journey into the dense jungle highlighted the need for better preparation and planning.

The young novelist’s abortive attempt at a novel left her feeling discouraged, but she didn’t give up on her passion.

The negotiations between the two countries reached an abortive stage when both sides refused to compromise.

The actor’s abortive improvisation during the play left the cast and crew amused rather than shocked.

The entrepreneur’s abortive idea for a gadget was quickly replaced with a more innovative concept.

The expedition’s abortive start due to logistical issues was a setback, but they managed to overcome it.

The singer’s voice cracked in an abortive high note, causing the audience to erupt in sympathetic applause.

The peace talks suffered an abortive setback when an unexpected disagreement arose over a minor detail.

His abortive attempt at fixing the leak only resulted in a flooded kitchen and a frustrated sigh.

The research team’s abortive hypothesis was revised after they uncovered new data that changed their perspective.

The merger negotiations came to an abortive halt as both companies struggled to agree on the terms.

The artist’s abortive brushstrokes on the canvas hinted at a struggle beneath the surface of the painting.

The athlete’s abortive attempt at breaking the world record was a humbling experience that fueled his determination.

The software update’s abortive installation left users frustrated and seeking technical support.

The chef’s abortive experiment with unusual ingredients resulted in a dish that no one wanted to try twice.

The politician’s abortive promises eroded public trust and led to a decline in their popularity.

The expedition’s abortive start due to bad weather was a reminder of nature’s unpredictable power.

The team’s abortive efforts to secure funding jeopardized the future of their groundbreaking research.

The actor’s abortive audition for the lead role became a humorous anecdote among the cast and crew.

The company’s abortive marketing campaign failed to resonate with its target audience, prompting a reevaluation.

The diplomat’s abortive attempt to mediate the conflict only added to the tension between the parties involved.

The writer’s abortive draft of the novel was a necessary stepping stone toward the final masterpiece.

The entrepreneur’s abortive startup faced numerous challenges but served as a valuable learning experience.

The musician’s abortive performance was a stark contrast to the flawless shows they were known for.

The architect’s abortive design for the skyscraper didn’t capture the grandeur the client had envisioned.

The research team’s abortive attempt to replicate the results led them to reconsider their initial hypothesis.

The actor’s abortive entrance on stage resulted in a comedic mishap that delighted the audience.

The explorer’s abortive journey into the uncharted territory revealed unexpected obstacles and dangers.

The chef’s abortive dessert creation was a reminder that even culinary experts have their off days.

The negotiator’s abortive strategy failed to address the underlying issues, prolonging the dispute.

The artist’s abortive attempts at sculpture eventually gave way to a successful career in painting.

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