abjure in a sentence

You have to abjure violence before coming for discussions.

At the rally, the Minister gave a call to the Maoists to abjure violence and come to the negotiations table.

It is difficult for him to abjure the luxuries of life.

If you abjure violence, we will talk to you about all issues.

The firm decided to abjure the policy it had been following for a long time.

Nothing can make him abjure his faith in God.

We are prepared to talk about any subject provided you abjure violence.

He had refused to abjure his faith.

They forced me to abjure.

You cannot abjure your responsibility.

He had no Protestantism to abjure.

He was urged to abjure his faith.

I will not abjure my faith.

To please my wife I am prepared to abjure iced water.

I will abjure intoxication one day.

Why are you compelling me to abjure my religion?

Synonyms of Abjure

Abstain from, Take, Back, Forswear, Recant, Renege, Renounce, Retract, Withdraw

Antonyms of Abjure

Allow, Emphasize