ability in a sentence

His ability to get on with people is his chief asset.

I know that you have the ability to top your class.

Can you suggest a way to improve his ability to converse in English ?

He is in the habit of boasting about his ability and achievements.

The purpose of holding examination is to test the ability of the students.

He has great ability and therefore he has been able to win a high position.

I am diffident of my ability to do it.

Kindly send me a testimonial of ability and character.

I have every confidence in his ability to succeed.

Examinations are not the true test of a student’s ability.

Examinations are not the real test of the ability of a person.

He has the ability to do the office work.

Punctuality has the ability to tame the time.

Discipline is the ability to control on the feeling and do right thing at the right time as well as overcome the weaknesses.

Winners have the ability to overcome and bounce back with even greater resolve.

He is a man of extraordinary ability.

We will do what we can to the best of our ability.

Because of having the ability to enter the deep pores of the skin, Lemon acts as a natural cleanser.

A hopeful person does not lack courage and ability.

He challenged my ability to solve the sum.

He has lost his ability to think and plan.

He has the ability to forecast future events.

He owes his popularity to his ability.

I am diffident of my ability to do it.

I have confidence in your ability.

I lack the ability to take decisions.

Idleness rusts our limbs and impairs the physical ability.

Our institute assists the students in the development of analytical ability.

We must do the work to the best of our ability.

Where this ability of mine can be utilized?

His ability helps him a lot.

He replied to the best of his ability.

Do it to the best of your ability.

His ability to get the work done is his main assets.

He made the most of his ability.

He worked to the best of his ability.

I request you to excuse me for my inability to attend the party.

He is not vain of his ability.

He was not without ability.

There is a probability of his coming back.

He plays to the best of his ability.

I know that you have the ability to top your class.

Can you suggest a way to improve his ability to converse in English ?

His ability helps him a lot.

Mentally retarded children need special care as they lack the ability to cope up with society.

Multani mitti has the ability to draw out excessive oil from the face .

It reduces the ability of white blood cells to fight against the illness.

Your ability to make sound judgement will stand you in good stead.

He doesn’t have the ability to solve the problem.

In the contest he fully displayed what ability he had.

He has poor ability to organize.

Her ability to write with her foot is amazing.

She has great ability in teaching English.

The ability of the women to plan judiciously and run the household is recognized globally.

The youth of our country has the ability to change the nation.

We all have the ability to maintain cleanliness as it is not a tough task.

The thinking ability of an individual certainly improves.

They have the ability to imitate human speech which is why many people keep them as pets.

They have the ability to learn and adapt to the environment.

A teacher knows their student’s potential and ability and assists in surfacing those talents accordingly.

It also has the ability to change our mood and brighten it up.

Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the proximity of objects around them.

Only human beings with their power and ability can save nature in its purest forms.

Rivers have the ability to turn deserts into productive farms.

The plants and certain microbes have the ability to utilize the Sun’s energy through the process of photosynthesis.

Man has the ability to speak.

My boss has the ability to read books very fast.

If you somehow lack this ability there are high chances of you overcoming with pessimism.

Examinations are tests that aim to determine the ability of a student.

Music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotions to people.

A role model is a person who inspires one’s ability to achieve something great.

Sports improves the thinking ability of individuals.

One may not notice the presence of viruses as sometimes they show no symptoms because of the body’s ability to fight them off.

It enhances your intellect and the ability to make rational decisions.

Knowledge is the ability to use your knowledge to help others.

Education teaches the ability to read and write.

Overpopulation is affecting the world as it is outpacing the ability of the planet earth to support it.

Wisdom refers to the ability to know what is right or what the truth is.

It also reduces the ability to perform physical exercises.

I question his ability to do the job.

An eye transplant could mean the ability to see again for a blind person.

A person who stays in control has the ability to take charge of his actions and reactions.

It holds good due to its ability to build shape and motivate integral values in one’s life.

The weakening of the immune system affects an individual’s ability to fight diseases in time.

It directly impacts the ability to learn and has a significant effect on the mind of students.

If nature has the ability to protect us it is also powerful enough to destroy the entire mankind.

He has the ability to do the work.

Synonyms of Ability

Capability, Capacity, Competence, Intelligence, Qualification, Skill, Strength, Talent, Understanding

Antonyms of Ability

Ignorance, Impotence, Inability, Incapability, Incapacity, Incompetence, Ineptness, Lack, Weakness

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