aberration in a sentence

He is afflicted with a slight aberration of intellect.

Such an occurrence is an aberration.

The spike in inflation this week is just an aberration.

For most of us, it is only a temporary aberration.

This trend can no longer be passed off as a mere aberration.

There will be no aberration or misappropriation of funds.

It really is an aberration.

This does not mean that there have been no aberrations.

I tried to question him on this unusual annual aberration.

What happened was an aberration in his life.

The company called the episodes an aberration and pledged that it would not happen again.

But soon aberrations got into this system.

I am armed with a valid excuse for this aberration.

These are no more aberrations.

It doesn’t mean you’re an aberration.

This was a grave injustice a historical aberration that he has now corrected.

What happened in this city was perhaps an aberration.

Synonyms of Aberration

Oddity, Peculiarity, Quirk

Antonyms of Aberration

Normality, Usualness, Conformity