aberration in a sentence

He is afflicted with a slight aberration of intellect.

Such an occurrence is an aberration.

The spike in inflation this week is just an aberration.

For most of us, it is only a temporary aberration.

This trend can no longer be passed off as a mere aberration.

There will be no aberration or misappropriation of funds.

It really is an aberration.

This does not mean that there have been no aberrations.

I tried to question him on this unusual annual aberration.

What happened was an aberration in his life.

The company called the episodes an aberration and pledged that it would not happen again.

But soon aberrations got into this system.

I am armed with a valid excuse for this aberration.

These are no more aberrations.

It doesn’t mean you’re an aberration.

This was a grave injustice a historical aberration that he has now corrected.

What happened in this city was perhaps an aberration.

The sudden spike in temperature during winter was considered an aberration, as it deviated from the usual cold weather.

The scientist believed the unusual result was an aberration in their experiment and not a reliable outcome.

Her outburst in the meeting was an aberration; she’s usually very composed and professional.

The stock market crash was seen as an aberration in an otherwise stable economy.

The strange rock formation was an aberration in the landscape, attracting the attention of geologists.

The athlete’s poor performance in the race was seen as an aberration, given his track record of successes.

The peaceful town rarely experienced crime, so the recent burglary was viewed as an aberration.

The author’s latest book was a departure from her usual genre, causing some readers to consider it an aberration.

The bright blue flower in a field of red flowers was a beautiful aberration that caught everyone’s eye.

Despite his years of impeccable service, the mistake he made was considered an aberration rather than a reflection of his skills.

The company’s consistent growth over the years made the recent quarterly loss seem like a minor aberration.

The constellation was known for its pattern of stars, so the appearance of an additional star was considered an astronomical aberration.

The historical records showed that the drought was an aberration in a region known for its fertile lands and abundant rainfall.

The artist’s abstract painting stood out in the gallery, with its vibrant colors and unique style seen as an aberration among more traditional pieces.

The politician’s extreme views were seen as an aberration within his party, causing internal disagreements.

The teacher considered the student’s poor performance on the test to be an aberration, as they usually excelled in their studies.

The flawless diamond had a small imperfection, which was described as a delightful aberration by the jeweler.

The sudden change in her behavior was seen as an aberration, leaving her friends and family puzzled.

The aircraft’s turbulence during the otherwise smooth flight was dismissed as a momentary aberration caused by atmospheric conditions.

The historical accuracy of the novel was marred by an anachronism, making it an unfortunate aberration in an otherwise well-researched story.

The orchestra’s flawless performance was interrupted by a single discordant note, an aberration in an otherwise perfect rendition.

The language barrier caused some confusion, leading to a few aberrations in the translation of the document.

The sudden burst of energy from the normally reserved introvert was seen as an aberration by their friends.

The trailblazing scientist’s controversial theory was considered an aberration until it gained widespread acceptance.

The historian discovered an aberration in the timeline, revealing a previously unknown event that reshaped historical understanding.

The calm lake’s sudden churning waters were an aberration caused by an unexpected underwater disturbance.

The car’s sleek design was an aberration in a market dominated by boxy, utilitarian vehicles.

Despite his reputation for punctuality, his late arrival was dismissed as a one-time aberration due to traffic.

The comedian’s off-color joke was an aberration in an otherwise family-friendly stand-up routine.

The economic recession was an aberration in an era of consistent growth and prosperity.

The painting’s distorted perspective was intentional, creating a visual aberration that captivated viewers.

The company’s commitment to sustainability was seen as an aberration in an industry known for its environmental disregard.

The quiet town rarely experienced crime, so the recent vandalism spree was considered a shocking aberration.

The data point that didn’t fit the trend was treated as an aberration until further investigation revealed a new pattern.

The athlete’s incredible feat of breaking the world record was considered an aberration that would be difficult to replicate.

The sudden outbreak of a rare disease was an aberration in a region with a strong healthcare infrastructure.

The scientific discovery challenged existing theories and was initially met with skepticism as an aberration.

The journalist’s sensationalist article was an aberration in an otherwise reputable publication known for its balanced reporting.

The singer’s unexpected genre shift was seen as an artistic aberration that polarized her fanbase.

The architectural marvel stood as an aberration amidst the traditional buildings, showcasing a unique blend of styles.

The sudden drop in stock prices was an aberration in an otherwise bullish market.

The forest’s tranquil atmosphere was disrupted by the aberration of a loud, unfamiliar animal call.

The artist’s experimental piece was considered an aberration, challenging conventional notions of art.

The team’s victory against the reigning champions was seen as an aberration, given their previous track record.

The chef’s decision to include exotic spices in the traditional recipe was an aberration that delighted diners.

The company’s dedication to quality was evident, making the product’s defect an unfortunate aberration.

The dark clouds were an aberration in an otherwise clear and sunny sky.

The professor’s unconventional teaching methods were considered an aberration by some students, but they proved effective.

The species’ sudden migration to a new habitat was an aberration, puzzling biologists.

The writer’s use of anachronistic language in the historical novel was viewed as an aberration by literary critics.

Synonyms of Aberration

Oddity, Peculiarity, Quirk

Antonyms of Aberration

Normality, Usualness, Conformity

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