Abatement Example Sentences

Abatement Example Sentences

The government implemented a noise abatement program to reduce the impact of loud traffic on residential areas.

The construction company received a notice of abatement due to the violation of environmental regulations.

The city council approved a tax abatement for the new business, encouraging economic growth in the area.

The landlord initiated mold removal as part of the abatement process to ensure the safety of tenants.

The company conducted a thorough asbestos abatement in the old building before beginning renovation.

The local authorities declared a state of emergency to address the pollution crisis and initiate air quality abatement measures.

The housing agency offered rent abatement to tenants affected by the ongoing maintenance issues.

The court ordered a fine and an abatement of the illegal waste disposal practices of the factory.

The city’s graffiti abatement program aimed to quickly remove unauthorized graffiti from public spaces.

The community organized a volunteer cleanup event as part of their efforts for pollution abatement.

The neighborhood association worked with volunteers to undertake a beautification and trash abatement project.

The company’s proactive approach to pollution abatement led to a significant reduction in emissions.

The government allocated funds for the abatement of derelict buildings, revitalizing abandoned areas.

The homeowner received a tax abatement for installing energy-efficient appliances in their residence.

The construction site followed strict dust abatement procedures to prevent environmental contamination.

The public park underwent a thorough invasive species abatement to restore native plant species.

The local health department conducted an abatement of mosquito breeding areas to reduce the risk of disease.

The court ordered the landlord to provide rent abatement to the tenants due to the prolonged heating issues.

The factory’s pollution abatement efforts were recognized with an environmental sustainability award.

The city implemented a litter abatement campaign to encourage responsible waste disposal among residents.

The business was granted a temporary abatement of property taxes as it faced financial difficulties.

The city faced challenges with graffiti vandalism, prompting the establishment of a dedicated abatement team.

The construction site adhered to noise abatement guidelines to minimize disruption to nearby residents.

The company invested in soundproofing to achieve noise abatement in its manufacturing facility.

The pollution abatement plan included the installation of advanced air filtration systems.

The community center provided free lead paint abatement workshops to educate homeowners.

The municipality passed a litter abatement ordinance, imposing fines on those caught littering.

The court ordered the abatement of the hazardous waste site to prevent further environmental damage.

The fire department conducted a fire safety inspection and recommended abatement measures for the building.

The nonprofit organization received funding to support its efforts in graffiti abatement and community beautification.

The city’s mosquito abatement program included regular spraying in areas prone to mosquito-borne diseases.

The company’s efforts in noise abatement were evident through the installation of sound barriers around its facilities.

The tax abatement incentive played a key role in attracting new businesses to the economically challenged region.

The government introduced an abatement plan to address the growing issue of air pollution caused by vehicular emissions.

The property owner received a notice for immediate pest abatement due to a severe infestation.

The homeowners association implemented a termite abatement strategy to protect properties in the neighborhood.

The factory’s water pollution abatement measures included the installation of water treatment systems.

The city’s graffiti abatement program not only removed graffiti but also engaged local youth in art projects.

The restoration project involved abatement of lead-based paint from historical buildings to ensure safety.

The tax abatement policy sparked debate among residents about its impact on local government revenue.

The government agency launched a litter abatement campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of a clean environment.

The community collaborated on an invasive plant species abatement effort to preserve the natural ecosystem.

The abandoned industrial site underwent an extensive abatement process to remediate hazardous waste.

The organization partnered with schools to offer educational programs on pollution abatement and conservation.

The city’s noise abatement regulations restricted construction activities during certain hours to minimize disruptions.

The local health department initiated a public health abatement plan to address the spread of contagious diseases.

The energy-efficient upgrades to public buildings resulted in long-term cost savings and earned the city a tax abatement.

The tenant received rent abatement as compensation for the inconvenience caused by ongoing plumbing issues.

The beach was closed temporarily for water pollution abatement measures after elevated bacteria levels were detected.

The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability included regular waste abatement audits and improvements.

The school district implemented lead abatement measures in older school buildings to protect students’ health.

The city council’s rat abatement program aimed to control the rodent population in urban areas.

The construction site adhered to strict safety regulations, including the abatement of asbestos-containing materials.

The government allocated funds for the abatement of toxic waste sites to prevent soil and water contamination.

The tax abatement initiative aimed to encourage the development of affordable housing in the community.

The park’s management invested in vegetation abatement to clear overgrown areas and improve accessibility.

The community organized a tire abatement event to dispose of discarded tires properly and prevent mosquito breeding.

The historic building underwent a thorough lead paint abatement process before being opened to the public.

The city’s air quality abatement strategy included promoting the use of electric vehicles and public transportation.

The company faced fines for non-compliance with waste disposal regulations and was ordered to undergo pollution abatement.

The cleanup crew conducted an abatement of hazardous materials from the industrial site to ensure worker safety.

The government agency launched a noise abatement campaign to educate residents about responsible sound practices.

The property owner underwent lead abatement in rental units to comply with health and safety regulations.

The tax abatement policy spurred economic growth as businesses expanded and invested in the local community.

The city implemented a pest abatement program to control the population of disease-carrying insects.

The renovation project included the abatement of mold and mildew to improve indoor air quality.

The municipality invested in pollution abatement technologies to reduce emissions from its wastewater treatment plant.

The homeowners association conducted a termite abatement assessment to prevent potential structural damage.

The school district initiated asbestos abatement in older school buildings to ensure a safe learning environment.

The tax abatement incentive led to the establishment of green spaces and recreational facilities in urban areas.

The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability extended to waste abatement efforts, reducing its carbon footprint.

The city’s litter abatement initiative mobilized volunteers to clean up parks and public spaces on weekends.

The abatement of toxic chemicals from the groundwater required a comprehensive remediation plan.

The government invested in noise barrier construction to provide abatement for communities affected by highway traffic.

The organization’s focus on energy efficiency resulted in cost savings and eligibility for property tax abatement.

The neighborhood association collaborated with residents to develop a comprehensive rodent abatement plan.

The construction site’s adherence to dust abatement measures minimized air pollution and environmental impact.

The company’s efforts in graffiti abatement not only improved aesthetics but also fostered community pride.

The property underwent mold abatement after water damage to prevent the growth of harmful spores.

The city’s pollution abatement initiatives contributed to improved air quality and the overall health of residents.

The government allocated funds for invasive species abatement to protect native plants and wildlife.

The tax abatement program aimed to attract tech startups to the region, boosting economic innovation.

The restoration of the historic landmark required the careful abatement of lead-based paint to maintain its authenticity.

The municipality’s abatement plan included stricter regulations on outdoor burning to reduce air pollution.

The organization organized an e-waste abatement event to encourage proper disposal of electronic devices.

The city’s commitment to noise abatement included zoning regulations that separated residential areas from noisy industries.

The business received a commendation for its effective water pollution abatement practices and minimal environmental impact.

The tax abatement policy encouraged property owners to invest in energy-efficient upgrades and renovations.

The community center organized an abatement workshop to educate residents about the dangers of lead paint.

The conservation group’s river cleanup efforts contributed to the abatement of pollution and habitat restoration.

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