Abashment Example Sentences

Abashment Example Sentences

The unexpected spotlight on him during the presentation led to a moment of abashment as he stumbled over his words.

Her abashment was evident when she blushed and looked down after receiving a compliment from her crush.

The child’s abashment at being scolded by the teacher was visible in his lowered gaze and fidgeting.

Despite her abashment, she managed to give a heartfelt thank-you speech at the surprise party.

The awkward silence that followed his inappropriate comment added to his abashment in the social gathering.

His abashment was apparent when he realized he had mistaken the identity of the person he was speaking to.

The young actor’s abashment showed when he forgot his lines on stage, causing a brief pause in the play.

The speaker’s humorous response to the technical glitch eased the abashment felt by the audience.

The CEO’s abashment was evident when she accidentally spilled her drink during the important business meeting.

Despite her initial abashment, she quickly recovered and confidently addressed the audience’s questions.

Her abashment was palpable when she realized she had unintentionally interrupted an important discussion.

The comedian’s jokes about his own abashment in similar situations made the audience laugh in recognition.

The journalist’s abashment was apparent when she realized she had mispronounced the interviewee’s name.

The unexpected praise from her role model caused a moment of abashment before she thanked them.

His abashment over arriving late to the meeting was eased when he saw that others had also faced delays.

Despite her abashment, she managed to join the conversation and share her perspective.

The professor’s abashment was evident as he tried to regain his train of thought after being interrupted.

His abashment was short-lived as he quickly regained his composure and continued his presentation.

The abashment of realizing he had been talking too loudly in the library turned his face a shade of red.

Her abashment was tempered by her sense of humor, and she laughed along with the group.

The abashment in the room was palpable as everyone stared at the person who accidentally knocked over a tray of dishes.

The character’s abashment was evident when he stumbled over his words while confessing his feelings.

Despite her abashment, she mustered the courage to apologize for the misunderstanding and clear things up.

The teacher’s gentle redirection spared the student from feeling deep abashment over their mistake.

The musician’s humility in the face of praise resonated with the audience and lessened his abashment.

Her abashment was replaced by a warm smile as she graciously accepted the unexpected award.

The young boy’s abashment at losing the game was comforted by his teammates’ supportive words.

The director’s abashment over forgetting his lines during the rehearsal didn’t dampen the cast’s enthusiasm.

The employee’s abashment was visible as he tried to recover from spilling coffee on his shirt before a meeting.

Her abashment at accidentally interrupting the conversation quickly faded as the group continued talking.

His abashment was palpable when he realized he was the only one who hadn’t understood the inside joke.

The unexpected compliment left her in a state of abashment, unsure of how to respond gracefully.

Despite her attempts to hide it, her abashment showed through in the way her voice trembled during the speech.

The sudden camera flash caught her off guard, leading to a moment of abashment in the midst of the event.

His abashment was evident when he accidentally spilled his drink on the host’s pristine carpet.

The guest’s abashment was clear when he arrived overdressed to the casual barbecue.

Her abashment at forgetting her lines on stage was followed by a quick recovery and a confident improvisation.

The abashment she felt about her disheveled appearance was alleviated when her friend reassured her.

His initial abashment turned into laughter as he realized that everyone in the group had made the same mistake.

The employee’s abashment was soothed by the manager’s understanding response to the accidental email.

The actor’s public apology for his behavior reflected his genuine abashment over his actions.

The abashment in the room was palpable as everyone turned to look at the person who knocked over the display.

His abashment turned into amusement as he saw the video of his comedic stumble at the family gathering.

Despite her abashment at slipping on the wet floor, she managed to laugh it off and regain her balance.

The child’s abashment at receiving an unexpected compliment made her hide behind her parent’s leg.

Her abashment showed when she couldn’t remember the name of someone she had just been introduced to.

His abashment over misunderstanding the cultural customs was replaced by curiosity as he asked for an explanation.

The sudden camera flash caught him mid-bite, leading to an amusing expression of abashment in the photo.

The speaker’s attempt to recover from a failed joke was met with understanding nods and shared abashment.

Her abashment at realizing she had been talking loudly in the library turned into a sheepish smile.

The unexpected question left him in a state of abashment as he struggled to find an answer.

Despite her abashment at getting lost, she managed to turn it into an adventure by exploring the unfamiliar area.

The child’s abashment upon receiving a surprise gift was quickly replaced by excitement and gratitude.

His abashment over his clumsiness was eased by his friends’ laughter and reassuring words.

The abashment of accidentally interrupting the serious conversation turned into laughter as everyone lightened up.

Her abashment at mistaking a stranger for someone she knew turned into a friendly introduction.

The actor’s genuine abashment during a live blooper added an endearing touch to his performance.

The abashment of mispronouncing a word during the speech led to a chorus of supportive applause.

Despite her abashment at being caught off guard, she handled the unexpected question with grace.

His abashment at the surprise party turned into joy as he saw the smiling faces of his friends.

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