aback in a sentence

When she heard the unexpected news, she was taken aback and couldn’t find the right words to respond.

The sudden change in his friend’s behavior caught him aback, and he wondered if something was wrong.

The professor’s unusual teaching method left the students aback, but they soon realized its effectiveness.

As she entered the room, the sight of a giant sculpture took her aback with its intricate beauty.

The CEO was taken aback by the employee’s bold suggestion but appreciated the fresh perspective.

The immense success of the new product launch caught the company’s competitors aback.

During the interview, the candidate’s knowledge and confidence took the hiring manager aback in a positive way.

The harsh criticism from her colleagues left her aback and feeling vulnerable.

The unexpected compliment from a stranger caught her aback, but it brightened her day.

The sudden downpour took the hikers aback, and they had to quickly find shelter.

The magician’s mind-blowing tricks left the audience completely aback, wondering how he achieved such illusions.

As the spaceship emerged from behind the moon, the astronauts were taken aback by the breathtaking view of Earth from space.

The sudden resignation of the company’s CEO caught the board of directors aback and raised concerns about the company’s future.

The protagonist’s unexpected decision in the novel took the readers aback, adding an exciting twist to the storyline.

The artist’s unique and unconventional artwork left the art critics aback, unsure how to interpret its meaning.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the team’s resilience and determination took their opponents aback during the game.

The unexpected reunion with her childhood friend left her aback with joy, as they had lost touch for many years.

When the old bookshop reopened after renovation, customers were taken aback by its beautiful interior and expanded collection.

The sudden appearance of a rare bird species in their backyard took the birdwatchers aback, making it an unforgettable experience.

The teacher’s inspiring words about following their dreams left the graduating students aback, filling them with hope and motivation for the future.

The sheer size and grandeur of the ancient monument took the archaeologists aback, making them appreciate the historical significance even more.

When the cat suddenly jumped out from behind the bushes, it startled the children and left them taken aback for a moment.

The politician’s audacious proposal to reform the entire healthcare system left the opposition parties aback and sparked intense debates.

During the intense negotiation, the aggressive counteroffer caught the other party aback, leading to a pause in the discussions.

The young musician’s incredible talent on the piano left the audience aback, receiving a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

When the CEO unexpectedly announced a bonus for all employees, it took the staff aback and improved company morale.

The detailed and intricate artwork on the mural took the passersby aback, making them stop to admire its beauty.

Despite the criticism and doubt, the determined athlete’s remarkable performance left everyone aback, proving their skills on the field.

The sudden power outage in the middle of the presentation took the speaker aback, but they quickly adapted and continued without slides.

Upon discovering a hidden treasure in their attic, the family was taken aback by its value, leading them on a thrilling journey of exploration.

The unexpected call from a long-lost friend left her aback with joy and nostalgia, as they reminisced about their shared memories.

As the rocket launched into space, the spectacular display of fire and smoke took the spectators aback, leaving them in awe.

The toddler’s adorable and witty response to a question took the adults aback, marveling at the child’s intelligence.

The sudden burst of laughter in the quiet library took the librarian aback, reminding everyone to maintain silence.

The protagonist’s tragic fate in the novel left readers aback, eliciting strong emotions and empathy towards the character.

The professor’s unorthodox teaching style initially took the students aback, but it eventually made the subject more engaging and enjoyable.

The unexpected arrival of a care package from a faraway friend left her aback with gratitude and touched by the gesture.

When the catwalk model stumbled during the fashion show, it took the audience aback, but she gracefully recovered and continued.

The unforeseen detour during the road trip took the travelers aback, but it led them to a picturesque hidden gem they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

The actor’s powerful and emotional performance in the play took the audience aback, leaving them in tears and standing ovation at the end.

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