a few in a sentence

Please wait for me for a few minutes.

Only a few men think, but all have opinions.

He had a few draughts of water.

A few well-chosen words prove more effective than rhetorical speeches.

We should consider ourselves lucky if we find a few good friends.

It did not feel as deserted as it was just a few days ago.

When I met him after a few years he looked old and haggard.

I will be ready in a few minutes.

He took leave of us a few minutes ago.

He went from rags to riches in a few years.

He painted this in just a few strokes.

Will you kindly allow me to stay in your house for a few days?

I bought it only a few days back.

The council will consider this matter in a few day.

I shall be back in a few minutes.

He was standing a few yards away.

Only a few of our customers have accounts.

Our baby will be able to walk in a few weeks.

He was only a few minutes late.

He needs a few clerks for his office.

Describe in a few sentences how you caught him.

Can I speak to you for a few minutes ?

There were only a few persons in the mine when it blew up.

I have still a few rupees with me.

Can you spare me a few minutes ?

I have a few friends in the United States.

She will come here within a few hours.

I have finished a few books I had.

He has a few pens.

His horse could not carry him more than a few miles.

He stayed here for a few hours.

It can be done within a few hours with the help of the computers.

I am sure you will enjoy being in the countryside for a few days.

This novel is so short that it can be read in a few hours.

She came to stay with us for a few days, now she has gone back.

There are a few mangoes in the basket.

Would you wait a few minutes ?

I would like to stay here for a few days.

The pages of a newspaper are divided into a few sections.

Most atoms never change, but a few kinds of atoms are always changing.

I am happy to note that you are interested in having a few pen friends in this regions.

It is a God’s gift which favours only a few of us.

Could I borrow some money from you for a few days?

Why don’t you rest for a few minutes?

Could I borrow some money from you for a few days?

I’ll need a few minutes to look it over.

He did not see her till a few days ago.

Fatigue is something that everyone experiences, but only a few can figure out the actual cause of fatigue.

Her village is just a few kilometres from my own.

I will wait for a few days.

We wanted to stay there for a few days and to wait for our kith and kin who had been left behind.

I think a few tips will stand them in good stead:

Take a few deep breaths.

We started promoting the film just a few days ago.

With a few home remedies you can make your hair grow long faster.

We are left with just a few more days to welcome the most colourful and joyful festival Diwali.

I am sending a few novels to you.

Last Sunday I went to see the circus with a few friends of mine.

It took us a few days to actually get to the bottom of the problem.

Fatigue is something that everyone experiences, but only a few can figure out the actual cause of fatigue.

Taking care of skin is not a child’s play it requires efforts and a few hacks.

Synonyms of A Few

A lot, Any, Certain, Considerable, Definite, Different, Disparate, Distinct, Divers, Diverse, Handful, Hardly any, Indefinite, Individual, Infrequent, Manifold, Many, Not many, Numerous, Only a few, Particular, Personal, Plural, Proportionate, Quite a few, Rare, Respective.

Antonyms of A Few

None, One

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