how to use yet in a Sentence

Aren’t you tired yet?

You are yet young ; you have not seen the ups and downs in life.

It was an exhausting task, yet I finished it single-handed.

He hasn’t finished his work yet.

I am not married yet.

I haven’t thought yet.

Haven’t you seen that movie yet ?

We have not yet finished this lesson.

I haven’t mailed the letter yet.

He hasn’t heard anything yet.

I’m not ready to leave yet.

He is not back from work yet.

He was intelligent yet he failed.

Are the children in bed yet ?

He has not yet come.

You harmed me yet I’ll help you.

He is too young to go to school yet.

We waited for him, yet he did not turn up.

I have a lot yet to do.

The train hasn’t arrived yet.

Though he never stuck to one profession, yet he was a jack of all trades.

No decision has yet been made.

Where he is to stay for the night is not yet known.

It is not yet certain that he will resign.

He worked hard yet he failed.

Living from hand to mouth, he yet maintains his standard of living.

The match is yet to finish.

He has problems yet he is trying again.

You are not yet familiar with his tricks.

I am reputed for my soft yet strong character.

He has not yet replied to my last letter.

I have not yet made the payment for the last insurance premium.

Death is certain yet we fear it.

The coverage of this book is exhaustive yet to the point.

He always wears inexpensive yet sober dresses.

Though I was heart-broken yet I pressed on.

He is suffering much pain yet he does not complain.

He has not yet come back from his foreign tour.

Has the letter not been posted yet ?

She missed the bus yet she was on time.

He is poor, yet he is contented.

I have not yet seen the Taj.

She had not yet paid her dues.

The sun has not yet risen.

He has failed repeatedly, yet he intends to try again.

He saw the danger, yet he pressed on.

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