wrath in a sentence

A soft reply turns away wrath.

You have to face the wrath of people in this regard.

I am ready to face the wrath of the people in this regard.

Greed invites nature’s wrath.

What is wrath of God?

What is meaning of wrath?

Naga Panchami is celebrated by men to escape the wrath of snakes.

It is the skin that faces the wrath of pollution.

All of us face the wrath of dull hair from time to time.

It is always better to avoid the wrath of the harsh summer sun.

He should be punished for is wrath.

Passion is not created out of wrath.

This will only incur his wrath.

Do not give back wrath for wrath.

Be slow to wrath.

Wrath can lead to stress, anxiety and cardiovascular disorders.

it’s hard to get spared from their wrath.

You must be aware of wrath and pride.

Is God pouring out his wrath upon sinners?

If you offend me any further, you will incur my wrath.

You had to face the wrath of residents here today.

I do not want to evoke anyone’s wrath.

I do not want to invoke the wrath of any section of the society.

Greed invites nature’s wrath.

Fearing the wrath of elders, they eloped to get married.

Do not evoke people’s wrath.

He had to face the wrath for being negligent in performing his duties.

He has to bear the brunt of minister’s wrath.

God’s wrath came down heavily upon the criminals.

He is terribly afraid of his father’s wrath.

What have you done to earn his wrath ?

He has shielded me from my father’s wrath.

Sometimes nature shows her wrath in the form of floods and sometimes in the shape of an earthquake.

A soft answer turneth away wrath.

Synonyms of Wrath

rage, anger, displeasure, fury, madness, indignation, exasperation, resentment, irateness, outrage

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