worship in a sentence

We worship god Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi with great devotion.

He was against idol worship.

Work is worship.

He considers work as worship.

Idol worship is banned in many religions.

Most of the people burst crackers on Diwali and worship Goddess Lakshmi.

People worship God to invoke their blessings.

There can be no greater worship than performing one’s duties.

Work is worship.

You can worship god by simran and meditation.

He had busied himself in offering worship.

Temples are symbols of India’s traditional worship procedures.

Snake worship is popular in Himachal Pradesh.

Work is worship.

Let us go to the temple for worship.

Continue to worship God till there is life.

The service of man is the worship of God.

We should worship God.

The Hindus believe in idol worship.

Who does not worship the rising sun ?

The Hindus worship the Gita.

All worship the rising sun.

The Hindus worship the idols of gods and goddesses.

Work is the best kind of worship.

Work is worship for him.

It is the way of the world to worship the rising sun.

To him, work is worship.

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