worry in a Sentence

It is not work, but worry, that kills a man.

You need not worry about your health.

We worry in school life about education and exams.

Keeping busy is the best way to keep the worry away.

Don’t worry about it.

Don’t worry about me.

Do not worry.

Don’t worry, the patient will pull through.

Don’t worry about me.

Do not indulge in worry, fear and tension.

Don’t worry, just follow my instructions.

He has three witless sons who became a matter of endless worry for him.

Don’t worry about me.

Don’t worry, the patient will turn the corner after the first dose medicine.

Worry is evident in her expression.

You don’t need to worry.

Don’t worry about us.

She is trying to hide any trace of worry from her voice.

Don’t worry about it.

Don’t worry he will come back in some time.

Don’t worry, I had my meals.

Your habits worry me.

Do you worry about it?

Don’t worry. I will take care of myself.

Don’t worry dad. I will take care of mom.

What will he worry about?

Why did he worry about them?

Don’t worry yourself about that.

She need not worry for her test.

I told him not to worry about me.

I have had no worry now.

You need not worry as long as your father supports you.

Constant worry affected my health.

You need not worry for money.

Worry is a terrible enemy.

She forbade me to worry about anything.

You should not worry as long as I am here.

A man who believes in luck does not worry about his future.

There is no reason to worry about this affair.

You needn’t worry much because care is no cure.

Mental worry is killing him.

As long as I am hers, you needn’t worry.

Don’t worry.

You need not worry.

You should not worry about your studies.

High cost of living causes tension and worry.

I had nothing to worry.

The worry about my mother’s condition had overweighed my mind.

Don’t worry, try again.

Don’t worry, I shall do my best.

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