how to use With in a Sentence

Keep it with you.

Please always keep it with you and never part with it.

He cannot carry far with his responsibilities.

He helped me with ease.

She hates to part with her money.

She set out with a heavy heart.

He struck the table with his fist several times.

Please bring him to the party with you.

You cannot go on with us.

He has some money with him to fall back upon in old age.

Your statement agrees with what has been said already.

They turned him down with a heavy hand.

His behaviour is not in keeping with his teachings.

He came out with the truth.

To travel with you was a delectable experience.

She handled the matter with delicacy.

I have no dealing with him.

Will you go to Agra with your father ?

He has quarrelled with his father.

Let me go to play with my friend.

These days most of our villages are served with electricity and water.

With your bad habits, you cannot go very far.

She spoke with fluency.

With this remark, I shall wind up my speech.

He always sympathised with the underdog.

She mixed up with the children.

The gifts were wrapped with paper.

I was shivering with cold..

He has good neighbourly relations with him.

It was difficult for me to put up with such a derision.

I have no differences with him.

We wash clothes with water.

She is always patient with him.

The gun went off with a loud band.

She covered her face with her shawl.

He is endowed with the gift of speech.

People equate money with power.

You should not have any association with bad boys.

I cannot bear with this nonsense.

What vegetables would you like with your dinner?

Can we go with you?

Do you prefer a suite with two baths?

Can you come along with us tomorrow?

Could I help you with anything?

He left his house with bag and baggage.

Do you want to come with me?

The burglars made off with all the cash and jewellery.

Who wishes to take a walk with me?

He dispensed with the services of his cook.

He is afflicted with asthma.

He shot the lion with a gun

I shall go to Shimla with you.

I work hard with a view to earning money.

I should have gone with you.

I wanted to spend Christmas with you.

The patients are moaning with pain.

What the hell is the matter with you?

What’s wrong with you you?

Road to hell is paved with bad intentions.

Would you like to come with us ?

I shall not go to bazaar with you.

What is wrong with my phone?

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