how to use whose in a sentence

He is the man whose car was stolen.

He is the teacher whose son has stood first in the University examination.

She is the girl whose ring is stolen.

The sun whose rays give life to earth is a source of energy.

This is the girl whose marks are highest.

Whose turn is it ?

This is the actor whose acting is natural.

Whose car did you borrow yesterday.

This is the girl whose answers are correct.

Whose car is this ?

Whose baby are you ?

Whose pen is this ?

Whose house is this ?

A country whose leaders are die-hard cannot make any progress.

Whose office is this?

Please tell us whose book he used.

Whose side are you on?

Whose dog is barking on the road?

This is the boy whose father is an IAS officer.

Whose car did you borrow yesterday ?

Whose son are you ?

Whose pen is this?

He is the man whose brother met me yesterday.

Whose car have you purchased?

Whose book is he reading?

Whose house did you purchase?

Whose clothes did you borrow ?

This is the boy whose parents have died.

Whose shirt are you wearing?

I know the boy whose books were stolen yesterday.

Whose children are they ?

I am not sure whose mistake it was.

This is the lady whose daughter won the first prize.

Handsome is he whose actions are just and virtuous.

Whose child are you ?

Whose son is he?

In whose mind did this idea originate ?

Where is the book whose cover is red ?

By whose authority have you entered this building?

Tell me whose book that was.

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