whom in a sentence

Whom do you like the most ?

This is the person whom I told you about.

Whom did you meet on the way home?

To whom is he writing?

About whom are you talking?

Whom did you explain your problems to?

Among these candidates whom do you think we should vote for.

Whom did you get the information from?

Whom do you want to see here ?

Whom are you waiting for?

Do you know whom he’s listening to?

Do you know whom he’s looking at?

Whom is he talking to?

Whom do you want to see ?

He is a rogue whom no one trusts.

The boy whom I met was very cruel.

Whom is he standing beside?

Whom is he listening to?

Whom is he looking at?

Whom is he speaking about?

To whom is this meant ?

There is nobody whom I did not approach for the job.

Whom did you punish ?

Do you know whom he’s speaking about?

By whom was America discovered ?

Whom do you want to meet ?

Whom do you like ?

Whom do you love ?

She is the girl whom I want to meet.

Whom should I speak to?

Whom are you running after ?

Whom are you waiting for ?

About whom are you talking ?

Whom did he lie to?

This is the woman whom I met yesterday.

By whom has this been done ?

With whom did you go to the party?

Whom did he refer you to?

Whom did you see ?

Whom can he apply to?

Whom can she complain to?

The girl whom I am going to engage is about twenty.

The man whom you want has just left for the station.

I don’t know whom he invited.

To whom should I send it?

May I know with whom I am speaking?

I understand whom you are referring to.

I know whom you met on the way.

To whom am I to deliver the letter ?

By whom is your toe hurt ?

By whom will the bill be paid ?

By whom had the chair been broken ?

By whom has the door been knocked at ?

By whom were you given this money ?

By whom were you being abused ?

By whom were you helped ?

By whom was your pen stolen ?

By whom has this wrong been done.

By whom were you made cry ?

By whom was this opened ?

He is a man whom I know is trustworthy.

He is a man whom you can trust.

She is the woman whom I want to marry.

By whom were you abused?

The boy whom you punished has not come today.

By whom were you insulted?

He is the manager whom I met yesterday.

By whom have you been abused?

The candidates whom we have chosen are sincere and energetic.

The man whom you rescued from the sea has recovered.

The man whom I met yesterday is very intelligent.

That is the girl whom I love.

With whom did you go?

This is the boy whom nobody likes.

She is a girl whom you can trust.

By whom were you made to cry ?

The minister whom I really liked has resigned.

I asked him whom he loved.

He is the man whom I shall punish.

He is the doctor whom I consulted yesterday.

By whom was this slate broken ?

By whom was this cup broken ?

To whom I address this letter ?

This is the man to whom I want to talk.

By whom was the news broken ?

I did not know what to do and whom to call for help.

By whom was the matter looked into ?

By whom was this book given to you ?

Do you really know whom you are speaking ?

I do not know whom they are.

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