walking in a sentence

Walking is one of the simplest and best exercises that can be done while working.

Walking improves one’s digestion.

He is walking with the help of a stick.

She is limping while walking.

He is walking on foot.

He was walking.

Some passengers were walking up and down the platform.

He was hit by a car while walking yesterday.

Can you help me find my walking stick?

As I was walking down the road, the clock struck ten.

As I was walking across the field, I saw a dead horse.

He prefers walking to swimming.

I had to walk fast in order to keep up with him while walking together.

He was walking in the middle of the road.

I prefer walking to riding.

Gentle walking cures the stomach.

I gave him a walking-stick.

He was walking to and fro in the garden.

While, I was walking in the forest I saw a lion.

You have been walking since evening.

She has a majestic style of walking.

He was walking across the room.

The passengers were walking to and fro on the platform.

He is walking slowly lest he should fall.

The old man is holding a walking stick.

He is walking as if he were lame.

She was walking in the garden.

Taking his walking-stick, he went for a walk.

I do brisk walking for about half an hour.

I prefer walking to cycling.

He was reading a book while walking.

I have a walking stick to walk.

Running is not as easy as walking.

After walking ten miles on foot, I get very tired.

I do brisk walking for about half an hour.

He was walking along the street.

He likes walking.

He was walking as if he was in a hurry.

While walking in the bazaar yesterday my pocket was picked.

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