victim in a sentence

The victim left the city along with her relatives.

He fell a victim to cholera.

He was a victim of racial discrimination.

In childhood, he fell a victim to small-pox.

The victim died from suffocation.

It is being surmised that the victim fell from the hotel balcony.

The accused had used the phone of victim for demanding ransom.

I am victim of stress.

He is a victim of office gossip.

He is a fashion victim.

If the crime is not proven efficiently, the victim can be freed from the sentence.

Can you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cardiac arrest?

This neurotoxin attacks the victim‘s nervous system.

Overweight individuals can become the victim of diabetes and heart diseases in future.

He has become a victim to serious health issues.

Have you become the victim of diabetes?

Am I going to be the next victim?

He is the victim of viral arthritis.

I was a victim of a pickpocket.

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