various in a sentence

Youth have often helped the civil and state authorities in various ways.

Flowers are of various colours and hues.

There are thousands of superstitions that survive in various parts of the world.

Forests are natural habitats of various wild animals.

Exploitation, scams, scandals, malpractice of responsibilities, etc. are the various types of corruption.

Communication is made quick and easy by various instruments.

Every person has to fulfil various needs in life.

Man does thousands of medical and scientific experiments on animals for various purposes.

This repression of desires may lead to various psychological and physical disorders in the person.

Our behaviour changes according to our experiences with various people?

Our freedom fighters underwent various troubles and hardships to attain freedom.

Computers can be used as typewriters as well as used for accomplishing various other tasks effortlessly.

When a man desires something, he works hard to achieve it by various means.

Trees give us various kinds of fruits.

These kinds of competitions give space and platform to various talented students to display their talent.

We always talk about stress and try to find various means to deal with it.

We need water for various purposes.

We need water for various purposes.

Pumpkin oil helps fight various bacterial and fungal infections.

Various laws have been framed from time to time to prevent or at least reduce corruption.

All of us in some way or the others suffer from various diseases.

Various steps have been initiated to protect tigers.

Wood from the forest is used in the manufacturing of various products.

Our body needs water for various purposes.

Our body needs food for various purposes.

People come from far and wide to invite him to preside over various religious ceremonies.

Save water is the conservation through various means on the earth in order to balance life.

There are various ways in which individuals manifest their anger.

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