valuable in a sentence

Self help is the most valuable thing in human life.

It is a valuable book for the young job seekers.

Discipline is highly valuable in our every walk of life.

We should stay close to those who teach us valuable lessons in life.

Teaching is a very valuable and noble profession in a society.

Your passport is a valuable document.

It is quite true that the time you spend with your child is its most valuable possession.

Truth is the most valuable gem in the world.

Travelling is a form of literal education which is more valuable than bookish knowledge.

The Police interrogators could not elicit any valuable information from the dacoit.

His life is valuable to the country.

Many people used to visit him for his valuable preaching and advices on important matters.

Time is the most valuable thing in the world.

Character is the most valuable possession of a man.

A bank is considered a safe place for saving money and safe custody for valuable things.

What makes a person valuable?

What is the world’s most valuable asset?

Why is money so valuable?

What is the most valuable thing on Earth?

How valuable is a human life?

What makes human beings valuable?

Thanking you once again for your valuable support and guidance from time to time.

The Internet has quickly become one of the most valuable assets in modern business.

Milk is a valuable food.

This is a valuable lesson to be learnt.

The principal gave me valuable gift for topping in the examination.

Self-help is the most valuable thing in human life.

Health is the most valuable gift given to man by God.

Time is more valuable than money

The advice of his friend is indeed valuable.

You have really given me valuable advice.

India has made valuable contribution in the field of atomic energy.

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