usefully in a sentence

A newspaper keeps a man usefully busy.

He may usefully introduce a few more changes.

I spend my time usefully.

Mushroom contains a high fiber content which is a usefully constituent of our diet.

We should utilize our time usefully.

He spends his time usefully.

He spent his time cheerfully and usefully.

How can I use the Internet usefully?

How can we manage our time usefully?

How can we use each and every moment of our life usefully?

I always plan to spend it usefully.

We should make the full utilization of each and every second in our life usefully.

It should be utilized quite usefully.

Spend the vacation usefully.

How can I spend my time usefully during summer holidays?

Your questions needs clarifying before anyone can usefully answer it.

Hobbies enable us to spend our spare time delightfully and usefully.

A well laid-out routine helps man spend his time usefully.

I shall invest my money usefully so that I remain rich for the whole of my life.

I wanted to spend these usefully.

My hobbies keep me usefully busy.

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