unemployment in a sentence

Unemployment is one of the major problems which is causing great harm to the country.

The problem of unemployment should be tackled on a priority basis.

Unemployment arises from a variety of causes.

Poverty results in unemployment as the poor cannot afford proper education.

The problem of unemployment is a harsh, worldwide reality.

As the years go by, the problem of unemployment is becoming more severe.

People have grown sick of poverty, disease and unemployment.

The problem of unemployment has become a hard nut to crack

Being disgusted with his unemployment he committed suicide.

Continued unemployment has greatly vexed him.

He has come to great grief by his constant unemployment.

He delivered a lecture on the problem of unemployment.

This has led to high unemployment in many countries.

One of the major problems we have to face is that of unemployment.

It gives rise to unemployment.

It has led to unemployment.

We must stem the tide of unemployment.

The solution of the problem of unemployment in India is really a Herculean task.

The problem of unemployment among the educated has assumed serious proportions in the country.

There are several causes of unemployment.

This is called disguised unemployment.

The unemployment issue must be tackled with utmost care.

The growing population has aggravated the problem of unemployment.

The country is going through the throes of unemployment.

The spectre of unemployment haunts many countries.

There are many cause of unemployment.

One of the major problems we have to face is that of unemployment.

There is so much unemployment which leads to frustration.

The problem of unemployment is a big puzzle.

Far from creating unemployment, it opened the door to hundreds of thousands of women seeking work.

The greatest problem existing in our country today is the problem of unemployment.

We are facing with a big unemployment problem.

It has increased the rate of unemployment.

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