unable in a sentence

I am unable to solve my problems myself.

We are unable to fulfill your demands.

Poor parents or parents under the poverty line are unable to afford the education expenses of their kids.

I am unable to understand what she wants.

Addiction to harmful substances and lack of essential nutrients in the body can result in imperfect functioning of cells unable to do what is required of them to maintain a healthy state.

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder in which the body is unable to control the use of sugar as a source of energy.

I am unable to find any task to my liking.

Though I am working from morning till night, I am unable to feed my stomach.

I am unable to help him.

He is unable to focus on anything.

She is unable to understand her outburst.

He was unable to begin it.

He is unable to read the blackboard properly.

I am unable to attend the meeting due to illness.

He was unable to bear the strain.

He was unable to manage his empire properly.

I am unable to pay my school fees.

He is unable to read and write.

I regret that I was unable to come.

Under the present circumstances, I am unable to help you.

I was unable to hear your words.

I am unable to speak English.

I am unable to understand it.

I am unable to make any thing of this letter.

We are unable to do anything right now.

I am unable to come to School.

My father is unable to pay my school fees.

She was unable to move.

He was unable to refuse.

We are unable to fulfill his expectations.

Cowards are unable to face dangerous situations.

When we read under compulsion, we are unable to draw any pleasure from it.

Her husband has been unable to consummate the marriage.

She is unable to see.

He was unable to answer a single question.

The military had to be called in to control the situation as the police was unable to control it.

I will be unable to go to the meeting as I have fever.

Our car got stuck in the sand and was unable to move.

At first he was unable to use a computer but now he has got the knack.

He was unable to bear the strain.

The police man could not run very fast and so was unable to catch the burglar.

He found himself unable to restrain.

I am unable to say any good of him.

This boy is unable to prosecute his studies further.

Synonyms of Unable

helpless, impotent, inapt, incapable, inefficient, unfit, unfitted, ineffectual, inadequate, not able

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