true in a sentence

His guess proved to be true.

It is really difficult to find a true friend in life.

He is true to his word.

Your character is the true image of your personality.

Only a few know the secret of true happiness.

What is the true aim of education?

True friends do not want to see their friends hurt.

Sometimes, we get influenced by the packaging and advertising and buy the product which does not come out to be true to its value.

If your aim is strong, you can see its fruition before your mental eye, long before it comes true.

What Is your true opinion about me?

He revealed his true identity.

True spirituality goes beyond all religions.

I am always true to my word.

True education is training of both that the head and the heart.

True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring.

True lovers are not afraid of hardships.

A true friend is an invaluable ally in building a good character.

It is very difficult to find a true friend.

Only you are your own true evaluator.

I will reveal your true identity to everyone.

Good and true friends are hard to find.

True friends are rare in this world.

Is it true?

I hope your wish will come true.

Speak what is true.

Your prophecy has come true.

Be true or you will spoil your relationship.

This saying always holds true.

Your dreams will come true.

True friendship is rare.

I am true.

Much of what you say is true.

Much of what he says is true.

This cannot be true.

That might be true.

You should be true to your promises.

What he says is true.

Tell what is true.

What he said was true.

He is true to his words.

Your information is perfectly true.

Can this be true ?

It is true that he is at the bottom of the whole mischief.

He was a patriot in true sense of the word.

Can it be true?

The principles of Newton holds true even today.

My dreams have come true.

It is true that honesty is the best policy.

Her information is perfectly true.

I want her to be my true friend and life partner.

In times of need only a true friend will stand by you.

A true friend never betrays the trust.

It is true that East or West, home is the best.

He is true.

This news is true.

It is not true.

The story you are telling me is not true.

All my dreams have true today.

That’s not entirely true.

Their love was too deep and true to die.

That’s true in some ways.

I am always true to my belief.

You cannot depend upon him, he is not true to his salt.

She was a true lady.

What he said is true.

Whatever he says is not true.

A true scholar is often silent and dignified.

All the statements made in the book are true and frank.

My speculation about the election results has come out true.

Women are presumed to be talkative by nature, but it is not always true.

His statement is true as per my knowledge.

It is true that you are innocent.

The news is very good but it is not true.

He is true to his salt.

This news is hardly true.

You should be true to yourself.

True greatness consists in loving all.

A true friend is rare in the world.

He is true to his promise.

A true patriot lives for his country.

What you said is true.

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