Troubled in a sentence

My troubled thoughts agitated me in my dreams.

My mother was troubled.

Nature consoles a troubled heart.

He troubled his parents.

There must have been things in her mind which troubled her.

I am troubled about the future of my children.

We are troubled due to power cuts.

Don’t swim in troubled waters.

We are troubled by foul smell from industrial units.

I had a troubled childhood.

He is caught in troubled times these days.

A troubled conscience made me speak.

He is fishing in troubled waters.

You are warned to stay away from the troubled waters.

He has troubled the batsmen with his excellent skills.

We are a troubled lot due to water logging in several areas of the city.

Selfish people always fish in troubled waters.

Why is he being troubled by you ?

Your answer troubled us.

Do not try to fish in troubled water.

He is trying to fish in troubled waters.

The police are patrolling the troubled area.

My scooter has often troubled me.

He may be troubled by difficulties.

He troubled me.

He has been troubled by stomach ailments.

The thought of defeat troubled him.

Your answer troubled us.

He was troubled with a grave fear.

The beauties of nature soothe the troubled mind.

He was troubled with a grave fear.

He troubled me with his demands.

He troubled with grave fear.

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