trouble in a sentence

The causes of the trouble are deep-seated.

He got into trouble for being dishonest.

He is always in trouble.

She is the cause of the whole trouble.

He never obeys his elders and often gets into trouble.

A jealous person is always full of anxiety and surrounded by trouble.

Some memories make us happy and encourage us, while many others cause us trouble and distract us.

A river in floods is a source of trouble for all.

Shallow knowledge in any field of life leads to trouble and sorrows.

He is always ready to help those who are in trouble or in need.

It seems he is in trouble.

Why do you want to trouble him?

Are you in trouble?

He had fallen into trouble on her account.

I will never trouble anyone again.

Never laugh at a person who is in trouble.

Will you please stand by me in trouble?

Many people initiate a task without giving it any thought, and put themselves in trouble.

No one will trouble you.

Why do you trouble me all the time.

I will never trouble any girl ever again.

He is in trouble now?

He is in trouble and needs help urgently.

Are you in trouble?

His over smartness landed him in big trouble.

I don not want to see anybody in trouble.

This causes me a great trouble.

He is constantly giving me trouble.

She is in trouble.

Infatuation for her will lead you nowhere. It can put you in trouble.

My friends rescued me from trouble.

Are you in trouble?

We are in grave trouble.

He stands by them in their trouble.

Your sister is in trouble.

No sooner am I in trouble than I go to my friend for help.

He was in trouble.

He is careful lest he should get into trouble.

He sympathized with me in trouble.

How can I leave you when you are in trouble?

I can’t decide how to get out of this trouble.

How can I leave you in trouble?

I don’t want to cause you any trouble

He is the main cause of all this trouble.

I’m having some trouble with my report.

What part of the lesson did you have trouble with?

He gave us a lot of trouble.

He will soon be in trouble for he is burning the candle at both ends.

We do not want any trouble.

He was the real cause of trouble.

That didn’t cause the trouble.

He takes a lot of trouble over his work.

In the midst of all his trouble he remained cheerful.

Don’t cause trouble.

Are you trying to cause trouble?

I am having trouble breathing at night.

A lie can get you into trouble.

He is giving me trouble.

I am having trouble sleeping.

She was cured of her mental trouble.

We did not wish to trouble you unnecessarily.

We have had a lot of trouble from him.

Finding himself in trouble, he went to his brother for help.

One should not give up hope in trouble.

Cell phones provide a way to quickly contact someone if they are in trouble or are lost.

It may land you in serious trouble.

Sensing trouble, he slipped away from the place.

I expect my friends to help me in trouble.

These children trouble me much.

Take any of these pens, whichever you may like.

My trouble is not the same as yours.

I am sorry to put you to so much trouble.

He did not have much trouble.

We do not wish to trouble you.

They have got into serious trouble.

I am prepared against any trouble eventuality.

His habit of wrangling will put him in trouble.

We’ve had a lot of trouble in this area.

Unless you mend your ways you will get into trouble.

I am sorry for the trouble I am giving you.

My friend is in trouble.

I am in great trouble, my friend.

Please excuse me for the trouble.

You gave us a great deal of trouble.

Do you want to make trouble?

Do you want to create trouble?

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